Torn...should I sell my 30 cm Gold Togo Birkin?


Mar 25, 2006
Since I can no longer return it - I tried today lol I guess I'm gonna have to sell it. ebay?
You can try eBay. But you won't be allowed to post the URL of your eBay listing on tPF. The mods will tell you it's forbidden.

Assuming you have not been selling Hermes bags before, when your listing is picked up by the Authentication Team in the Authenticate Thread, there will bound to be word of caution when dealing with a new seller, with no track record. This is an honest truth.


Jun 4, 2006
But what didi you do with it?
Returned? Exchanged with some friend? Still keep it?
I listed it on ebay but I was pull out. So I tried to sell it in other way and since I'm going to Paris in two days and they don't have any time limit I will exchange it with something more "me".


Jan 1, 2008
well I have a 30 gold and I have to say that it is roomier than you think by looking at it , if you carry it open it fits a great amount actually. but I agree that there is quite a difference with the 35 (I tried both in the shop and the 35 looks massive compared to the 30). and if you have files to carry to work then the 30 would be a bit too small.
I almost made the mistake to buy a Birkin that was the wrong size (40) and I know that I would have regreted it so unless you can afford to buy several I would say take it back to the shop and search for the perfect Birkin. Surely you want a Birking that you will use as often as possible, it is too expensive otherwise.


Sep 2, 2006
Or, in the words of Tim Gunn, make it work... the 30 is not that much smaller than the 35 and can still fit a ton of stuff... You may like it more than you think. If, after really using it, it still isn't for you, try a reseller. By the way, which shop did you buy it in?