Torn on the Jumbo Flap between Gold or Silver

  1. Ok. I need help! I've debated and debated over the Jumbo Flap and now have decided I need one...haha (Its changed from want to need). Well I dont' have a staple black purse, so this is the first. (I know shocking!:wtf:)

    I generally wear more silver and gravitate that way, however, I do have a LV Suhali in white that has gold hardware and love it. I do like the Jumbo Flaps with silver, but I can't afford to buy it brand new, and eBay only has the goldhardware.

    Do you think I should wait another 6-12 months and save up for the new with silver? Or go for the gold? I like the silver a tiny bit more, but I also feel like the gold will grow on me...thoughts? Any silver to gold converts out there?
  2. I like silver better. The gold looks... older I guess.
  3. I personally like the silver better.

    I don't think that there is a right or wrong choice, it's merely a preference. I don't wear a lot of gold in general so silver was a more practical choice for me.
  4. Save for what you really want...go for the silver! Keep checking eBay as well...I'm sure one will pop up soon! :yes:

    Good luck!
  5. I agree.
  6. silver.
  7. Absolutely save for the silver. I held back for a while myself, and ended up with the black perfo silver jumbo flap finally, and adore it to pieces. Glad I waited. I think this piece will stay with you forever, so get the one you prefer more.
  8. I love the silver one best. I think you should hold out for a silver one.
  9. another one for silver!
  10. Yes, if it's a jumbo flap, go with the silver because the matte gold is too... oldish.. i think.. hehe. :biggrin:
  11. silver looks better with caviar
    gold looks better with lambleather..thats what I think,,,
  12. I like the silver on the Jumbo (that's the combination I have in both the medium flap and Jumbo)... but I do like gold on the GST haha, so it depends on the bag for me. I would say save up, and get the bag you really love, so you'll have absolutely no regrets. :smile:
  13. Depends on the leather, I think.
    I agree that gold looks better on the lambskin and silver on the caviar.

    I'm a gold chain lover myself, so I would always pick the one with the gold h/w. I find the silver h/w does look cheapish on most bags, but that just my personal opinion.
  14. silver silver silver!
  15. Silver