Torn- neutral or "pop" for 1st bag?

  1. Thanks in advance for any advice...
    I finally headed down to the Toronto H store where an amazing SA spent upwards of hour letting me play with the bags (BTW, there is a 30cm Birkin in Gold Swift with GH if anyone is interested, and assorted Kellys along with more Birkins in the back).
    I am totally torn, though, about my colour choice. I think I've decided on either Swift or Evergraine and Palladium hardware. But either I want a SO bi-colour (we decided on Chocolate with Blue Jean interior, independent of the thread here I just found:p) which may not happen, we wouldn't know until January, or a neutral, or a "pop". So...i usually wear dark colours in winter and lots of blues and creams in summer. Should I go with a real eye-catcher like Fuschia or Blue Jean, or a neutral like Chocolate, Gold, or Etoupe? There was also another colour I really liked, Marron D'Inde.
    Or do the Choc/BJ combo?
    Decisions, decisions:sweatdrop:...BTW, this will likely be the only H bag I can buy for a loooooong time so it should be a casual, dressy, all-season bag!
  2. Neutral!!!!
    actually I would go for the GOLD!!!
    there is such a great thread right now about gold hermes bags!!
    you can wear it in the Winter and the Summer.....
    I think it pops against the dark colors and it looks great with blues and creams!!
  3. The Chocolate/Blue Jean combo sounds delicious!
  4. Why don't you get a neutral colour now AND get your SO in when Paris is taking SO's again (Sept, I hear, in another thread - "shopping" section). It takes a while anyway for SOs to arrive, maybe 2yrs or so, depending on various factors.
  5. I think you should go with GOLD! It is a neutral but it still pops.
  6. Surprisingly (because I am a huge fan of Gold!) I am going to suggest Blue Jean or Brighton Blue. If you wear a lot of blues and creams, I think it would be a really great compliment to your summer wardrobe, and I personally like a brighter bag against dark winter wools.
  7. POP!
  8. ^I should probably add that this is likely going to be the only bag I can afford to buy for a looooong time afterwards. I don't even mind waiting a while, even years, if it's the perfect bag for me. But I just don't know which will carry me longer! The SA said I might tire of a bold colour faster...
  9. Gold is a good idea. It is a color that pops while at the same time it is a neutral. :smile:
  10. How about Blue Jean?
    It is a natural and pop color as well!
  11. i think gold is a great choice. i just got my first and possibly only ever hermes bag and though i was tempted by color (raisin esp which could, to me, be construed as a neutral) i went with basic black. i figured if it was my only bag i knew i could use it at any time for the rest of my life and would never have to worry about what it would go with. i also figured i could dress it up with scarves to give it pops of color when i wanted to. but i think gold or even ebene would act the same way. good luck, everything sounds fantastic!
  12. Gold is a great color. I use my gold birkin more than my rouge h.
  13. ITA with the Gold. I'd like my next bag to be gold. :tup: Ebene is great too. That's what my bag is and it's a great neutral but still a gorgeous color. :heart: The blues are great too though...really you can't go wrong!!!
  14. Neutral for your first, most definitely.
  15. Wow what a hard decision. I love the choc/bj combo, but as you said it will be your only H bag for a while, so maybe a neutral color would be better. I had originally thought I wanted gold/togo/ph, but when I placed my July podium order I went with something entirely different. From the description of your winter/summer wardrobe I think Bleu Jean would work great for you. Still blend with your clothing, add a pop of color to the darker winter hues and a complimenting color to your summer blue and cremes. Good Luck - keep us posted!