Torn - Need Input on Evercolor!

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  1. So I bought a noir evercolor mini roulis which I tried on briefly at the store but had asked the SA to ship to my house (since I live in another state). I didn't examine it thoroughly, since I have always gotten pristine items from that boutique - and I have never gotten anything in evercolor leather before.

    It arrived today but my excitement wore off quickly when I examined and felt the leather. It had some markings that didn't seem like scratches. Is it normal for evercolor to mark easily? I buffed it gently with the microfiber and they faded a bit but now I can't decide if this bag is going to be too high maintenance for me; I am quite clumsy.

    So ladies and gents, I need your input. Keep or exchange? I'm almost 2 hrs away from the nearest store, and I don't think it'll be easy for me to get this color combination...
  2. So....I think that is evergrain, not evercolor leather. I have a mini roulis in black evergrain with GHW and it looks very similar to this. I also have a lindy in evercolor so I do know the difference.

    Anyway, if it is evergrain, it will feel very sturdy and thick. It tends to scuff like your picture shows. These tend to happen as you take the flap in and out ....but in my experience, the scuffs can easily be rubbed out!

    I love mine....hope you will too! If not, return it!
  3. I agree with @hopiko , it doesn’t look like evercolor leather. I have two evercolor bags and it doesn’t scuff/scratch like in your photos. If, however, you aren’t completely happy, i would return it.
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  4. Thank you hopiko and Phiona88 - thank you for letting me know what kind of leather it is...the box didn't come with a sticker and the receipt didn't indicate the material either. The SA was the one who said it was evercolor but she was a new SA and might not have gotten it right.

    The leather is interesting because it's smooth and buttery at the same time, and it smells divine. It's good to know the marks can be easily buffed BUT the proneness to markings is driving me nuts...
  5. You should return it or ask for exchange, this may have been a display item. I expected to receive a bag in unused condition, and I prefer to create those scratches by myself :lol:....
  6. If this is how it looks right out of the box then I would be placing it back in the box and request an exchange or refund.
    Good luck.
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  7. I would exchange it.
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  8. Thanks tonkamama - I was there when they opened the sealed box so I know it's brand new. I was just unable to examine it thoroughly in the store though, because I was being shown other bags and had limited time.

    I now believe it is simply the nature of evergrain...I was afraid to buff the marks but following hopiko's advice, they did disappear with the help of a soft cloth, but I don't think I can deal with the constant buffing just to make sure it looks clean.

    Thanks Rouge H and weibandy - I have decided the leather is not for me. It's really gorgeous but I prefer lower maintenance leather. I am now working with a local SA to see what I can exchange it with, so I'll keep everyone posted if I find something that sings to me!
    Thanks ladies!
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  9. Agree with this. I would faint if I saw those marks on a brand new bag. Glad you are exchanging it.
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  10. I don’t see how one can return a bag after scuffing it and then rubbing the scuff marks. I doubt anyone else wants the bag now, either.
  11. Thanks lulilu!

    Kindly read my previous posts - I did NOT scuff the bag, nor have I used it. It arrived the very condition I pictured it, and took a photo of it 10 minutes after I unboxed it. Like hopiko stated, the mere opening of the flap makes these marks appear and to even them out, you will need to wipe/rub the leather. Evergrain has the texture of suede/velvet, hence why I said the material is high maintenance.
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