Torn leather in the straps of lady braid!!!

  1. Hi ladies, i bought a big lady braid in October from chanel boutique, Bond st. in London and noticed that the leather is tearing in the braided straps!!:cursing:

    I am so disappointed from the quality and standard of Chanel...
    I was wondering if any of you has noticed a similar problem with the braided straps..
    I looked carefully and noticed that they have used short pieces of leather glued them together in order to get a long straps then braid them..They should have used 1 long piece of leather for each part of the braid... Are they saving ? and we are paying so much for these bags.. I payed $ 3000 for it..
    Would you please let me know if you have faced the same problem
  2. send it back to the boutique and ask them what they can do about it. it's under a year warranty from the day you bought so it should be FOC for charges wise. yes, the QC has gone down and fellow pfers are upset about it. it just doesn't make sense how we pay so much for a bag that doesn't even hold up well enough! talk about withstanding the test of time! acks!
  3. Hi lady deluxe, i didn't know the chanel bags have warrenty, thanx for the info, i have the receipt and all it's papers, do you think i have to send back to London or can take it to any chanel boutique ?
    Thanx again
  4. I had 3 lady braid satchels. I sold 2 and kept one and never had any problems w/the leather tearing. I'm not sure about the straps on the LB tote because I've never owned one. I think the satchel straps have one continuous piece of leather. I'd definitely take it back and ask for an exchange .
  5. you can just take it to any chanel boutique and get them to fix it for you. you don't need to produce your receipt. the LB tote is a new model and they will know what to do with it, otherwise you'll just have to show them when you bought it to receive free warranty. all chanel bags are guaranteed with 1 year warranty from date of purchase! good luck!!