torn, help me ration! work vs. purse

  1. Ok, I know these two bags are completely different shapes. I'm looking for a big roomy bag. I've owned a work before and was almost shocked at it's size. I did get used to it but it took me some time to really feel at ease (maybe because I'm 5'2 and had trouble keeping it on my shoulder?). I'm the kind of girl who tends to carry everything + the kitchen sink in my bags... but I was just looking at the purse and really, it's quite large, isn't it? And it looks so perfect under the arm.. hmmm.

    Balenciaga Purse lovers, could you please tell me what you generally fit into this style of bag? And for those who own both, could you compare them for me? What style do you love more?
  2. The purse is a discontinued style, so it might be harder to find in a color that you like. I love the purse style and think it's perfect for everyday use. It hangs nicely, and fits all the essentials with a little room to spare. I don't have a work, but have tried them on, and think, like you said, that they are a little too big. Good luck!
  3. I got a work to use as a laptop bag. Haven't tried it yet, because Im still unsure and afraid to cut the tag! Yes it is big! As an everyday bag it is waaay to big for me (and i'm 5'7!) I'm still trying to figure out a little bag to put in there during the week so that I'm not dragging the big work out to lunch! I work with all guys so they always give me a hard time about needing that extra chair for my bag!!!

    I like the City or the Day for everyday use. Hope that helped!
  4. i think the work is a little big too and harder to keep on your shoulders. i really like the purse but have you considered a day? It's big, can fit a lot, and fits nicely on the shoulder!
  5. or how about the Brief?
  6. i don't think the purse is that big actually. it's completely flat. the work is much better size if you want big and roomy.
  7. I think the Day would be better a better choice for what you describe. It is smaller/less bulky than the Work but still very roomy. I have never had the Purse, but the flat non-gusseted shape reminds me of the Hobo ... and the Hobo gets full very quickly, and is not too attractive (loses its slouch and bulges under your arm) when over-full.
  8. Last night I went to my mans house carrying the following items in my Balenciaga Purse:
    makeup case
    2 cans of Dr. Pepper
    1 can of biscuits

    left a few hours later with:
    makeup case
    1 suduko book
    1 crossword puzzle book
    1 700 page novel

    so- yup :smile:
    it can fit quite a lot of stuff!!!!
    I love her! get one if you can find one!
  9. I'm a mother and let me tell you the Purse is deceiving. It looks smaller than what it will really hold. I carry my Bal Mini Compagnon, makeup bag, cell phone, car charger, one of those pop up tubs of anti-bac wipes, a separate ziplock full of tons of baby wipes, and at least 2 diapers. These are the main staples I carry and there are always a few extras in there too like a tin of Altoids, etc. So, it's totally roomy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Purse and if you can find one, they are wonderful!!!
  10. thank you all SO much for your answers! i think the work may be out of the question, i love big bags but it just didn't suit my frame too much. a little did i know that the purse was discontinued- what is balenciaga thinking?? it's such a lovely bag!

    about the day and the brief, what are the dimensions? i'm not familiar with either :blush:
  11. oh man, i just snuck over to the style section and i am in LOOOOOVE with the brief! it is absolutely adorable! the day is not quite the kind of shape i prefer but the brief, i need one!

    who here owns one??

    how much does the brief cost (or is it called afternoon?)?

  12. i'm smothering my own post. sorry guys..

    i guess i'm looking for as much information about the brief that i can find. if there is a general thread about it someone please send me over, i've clearly overlooked it! i did notice the photos in the style library, but that's about it. does it only come with the gold hardware?
  13. Ok, I sold my Purses for Works and I have never looked back. I found the Purse AMAZING, but it was too flat for me. The Work suits my style better and I can fit a lot more in. I can even use a Work as an overnight bag, which is what I love about it too. I do have trouble fitting my RH Work over my shoulder. I am not a petite gal and have swimmers arms (I don't mean to make myself sound massive though...) Now I have a GH Work and the handles are slightly bigger and firmer. They slide over my shoulder just fine. Also, you may want to wait until The Step bag comes out in September. It is a cross between a Purse, Brief & City it seems (from the pics). It looks like The Step will fit over the shoulders easy like the Purse...