torn dior box

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  1. I've recently bought a lady dior bag from paris and brought it back home to singapore with me, I packed it in my luggage and somehow the box got squished and it tore. I'm wondering if i can get a new box from here in Singapore. Would dior do this for me for free?
  2. If you bought the bag from a Dior boutique in Paris then I'd just take the receipt into your Dior boutique and ask for a new box. I can't imagine it being a problem or see them charging you for it :smile:
  3. Thank you! I'll try to do that over the weekends :smile:
  4. Hi,

    It shouldn't be a problem, as the poster above suggested take along your bag and receipt to your local Dior boutique. Sloan Street in London gave me an extra box after I mentioned how mine had come apart.

  5. Hey, u can try look for Fiona from NAC store. She's nice and gave me an extra dust bag. But I bought mine in Singapore though.
    Otherwise you can look for a male Chinese SA at ion Orchard store. He's pretty kind too. Forgot his name though. :smile:

    Hope this helps!