torn btween cartier love bracelet or necklace

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love bracelet/necklace

  1. love bracelet

  2. love necklace

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  1. pleaseeeee help me decide which one would to get. If i get one i doudt ill ever get anything else from the love collection i don't want one piece to take away from another.
  2. I would opt for the bangle, lots of luck!
  3. i have both, one love bangle in YG and one baby love necklace in YG with diamonds...
    i love them both so much but if i had to choose i'd keep the bangle :smile:
  4. bangle
  5. I'd go with the bracelet.
  6. I would go with the necklace because for some reason this line scratches up really easily for me. Keeping it on the neck seems a good way to keep it brand spanking new. Plus it's a little different too.
  7. bracelet!
  8. Go with the bracelet. They're a classic and sought after piece, so they hold value very well. Also, you really don't have to keep it on all the time if you are wearing it for a fashion piece. This will help reduce scratching.
  9. I would definitely go with the bangle.
  10. I would get the bracelet you will love wearing it!
  11. i would always suggest the bangle—mainly because i have one, so i'm already biased. ;)