Torn between two colors....Pallas bb

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  1. Hi, I'm torn between the rose litchi or noir in the Pallas bb...I love both for different reasons. Of course the noir cause it's care free. But the burst of color with the rose litchi is so cute too what would you decide if you were to get one and why? Tia
  2. I'd get the noir but what best suits your style and personality? What will you be using it for?
  3. I think the Noir looks more sophisticated in this bag and would be versatile and carefree
  4. I want another substitute of the pochette Metis that I've owned twice and the insanity of trying it out another time with the Adage 3 strikes your out seems a bit much! I like the Pallas bb since it's similar size. But I don't know which color to get. I will wear it with dresses and such.
  5. I would choose the carefree noir. I prefer how it looks in noir in this style.
  6. I love the pop of color and vachetta handles. The noir looks odd to me with the dark brown handles.
  7. Contemplating this one too! I like the color & vachetta too. I think it will be more summery. Do you know if it will hold as much as the PM?
  8. Go for the pop of colour it is Summertime. Also is the noir black inside, makes it harder to find things.
  9. My dh likes the colored ones. He says they're different. I'm still torn haha

  10. I'm not sure if it'll fit the same amount. I hope so!!
  11. I would go for the rose litchi. Would also love to know if it holds as much as the Metis Pochette.
  12. I had the Pallas in Quetsche and I sold it because it didn't fit my lifestyle anymore + I wanted a carefree bag (the vachetta handles didn't make it all carefree). I thought of getting the Pallas BB, but couldn't justify the price for a small canvas bag (I ended up getting the Mazarine PM). I think if I were to get the Pallas BB, I'd definitely get the Noir... It's just really nice to have a carefree bag that you could use every day. Good luck with your decision!
  13. I'd pick Rose Litchi for the BB size. I have the regular Pallas in Questche and still really love this bag. I love the questche color because it's subtle on this size of bag. But on the BB, I love the pop of color. The BB is a fun size bag and the color just makes it more so. Also, I've never found the vachetta on my handles to be troublesome. I got my Pallas around the first week it was released in 2013. Still can't believe how much the Pallas cost now! Also, I remember all the glazing issues you had with your PM. I still have mine and still really love it, but I don't know if the Pallas BB would hold as much as the PM, but I love the outside pockets on my Pallas and I'm sure you'll love them on the BB.
  14. I LOVE the Noir!!
  15. I would go for the colored ones.