Torn between the Manhattan PM and Tivoli PM

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    Please help me choose a hand-held bag in Monogram. I need a more dressy hand-held bag in Monogram (than the Speedy) and I am narrow down between the Manhattan PM and Tivoli PM, but can't decide which one I like more (price is not an issue). This will not be my everyday bag; but will be used mostly when I am going out with my family (weekends and evenings). I want a bigger bag than the Eva for this purpose but I do not want it too big either. Please let me know any cons and pros between these 2 bags.
    Thanks as always!!!

    LV bags I am currently own:
    Monogram Palermo PM
    Monogram Eva
    Damier Trevi PM
    MC Black Marilyn
    Amarante Sunset Boulevard
  2. I think the Manhattan holds more, but the Tivoli is 'prettier', IMO. Is size an issue for you?
  3. I have both and love both - the Manhattan PM is absolutely classy, chic and contemporary. The only downside to me is the weight - it can get heavy with all the hardware, but I still love the look of it. It's incomparable.

    Tivoli PM is relatively lightweight - I also like its rounded, feminine shape and the overall style. Very pretty! No complaint on this one :biggrin: However you may find some resemblance between the Tivoli and the Palermo - the pleats and the dangling zipper pull. To me, the Tivoli PM holds more.

    You can't go wrong with either one though. Do try them out in store and good luck with your decision!
  4. I like the Tivoli better, it is cuter. Also, the hardware on the Manhatten makes it heavier and bulky
  5. I love the Tivoli! Honestly, I think the Manhattan looks too much like Marc Jacobs's other bags (plus its kind of heavy!)
  6. Tivoli gets my vote! I think the Manhattan looks like it can get cumbersome with the hardware.
  7. I vote for the Manhattan - looks much dressier and just seems more "special" than the Tivoli.
  8. another vote for tivoli
  9. Manhattan!:yahoo:
  10. Tivoli.
  11. Tivoli
  12. i vote manhattan :smile:
  13. I have the manhattan and it's one of my most favourite bags. I think it gets the most compliments too :P
  14. Tivoli
  15. I'd get the Tivoli in a heartbeat, it can be dressy or casual, and it's just so chic. Good luck choosing!