Torn between the 2 ....

  1. I need help ... I am torn between these 2 pairs of VERY difference shoes ...

    Cole Haan x Nike Air GALI AIR SHORT BOOT
    Stuart Weiztman Round-toe patent pump

    I don't usually buy expensive shoes, but I really want to find a comfortable but trendy pair of heels/boots I can wear all the time. Can anyone tell me if these are comfortable? Or anything about Cole Haan & Stuart Weiztman's shoes? I wish I have the money to buy both of them ... :crybaby:
  2. I just returned a pair of Cole Haan G-series ankle boots. Cuter than the dickens but a 6.5 with 4 inch heels and I felt so much weight on my toes with the steep incline and the arch didn't seem high enough. I would size up a half size next time. I am 0 for 2 with mail order boots- they seem as though there is more fit factors to consider than a pair of pumps.
  3. Love those boots!
  4. I love Stuart Weitzmann shoes! :love: I just bought a pair of boots from his new collection. I love the shoes shown but not too keen on the boots. Tough decision but I think the shoes will carry you through to the next season because they are the basic black pumps! Good Luck!
    weitzman ankle boots.jpg
  5. I love the pumps.
  6. The black SW pumps are:love: :love: :love:
  7. As much I am no longer a fan of the whole platform pump look, aka CL Bruges, I think these Weitzman pumps you are showing are gorgeous. I would trade them for my CL's in a second. In fact, I think the whole Stuart Weitzman line this F/W is totally hot. I would die to have about 10 pairs inmy closet. I also think SW might be one of the best values in designer shoes.

    So to answer your question, I would go with the pumps. The boots are cute, but I think the scrunched top would make them tough to pair with clothes.

    Here are some of my favorite Weitzman's this year.




    The boots are much cuter in person. I saw them on a woman at the mall, and I drooled over her boots.

  8. I LOVE those Stuart Weiztman pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love, please choose those! Shoeangel, I agree with you this fall line is just gorgeous! My mom had a pair of Cole Haan, and she said that they were not that confortable!
  9. wow, it seems like everyone is leaning towards the pumps! I guess I will have to get them! :angel: hee hee.

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Hi psycho_pat, I like the boots you got too! Maybe I should go for these boots instead :smile: Would u be able to post some pics of u wearing them and how u can wear them?
  11. Pumps!
  12. I'd prefer the boots since it's fall. I love platform pumps (CL bruges & gwenissimas), but knock offs kill my feet since they don't soften in the same way, at least on me they don't. Plus I think those boots are made for comfort (they've combined nike technology?) and they look divine.
  13. I know you've already made your decision, but the boots are waaay cuter!
  14. Well, I haven't really made up my mind 100% .... so any comments are still welcome!! :smile:
  15. You are absolutely right! The main reason I like these boots is becoz they should be comfortable since they have Nike Air in them! I am sure I can find other boots that look similar for much less ...
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