torn between sizes

  1. Hey....I need help....I am about to buy the motorcycle bag from Neimans-but need opinions on whether or not to get the small or medium size.....I have a small frame-so I sorta think the smaller one would be fine...but for a couple hundred more I could get the larger one....I carry an average amount of stuff-but just can't make up my mind!!!!:rolleyes:
  2. I would say the City size for your first bbag. Its the best!!
  3. The first is SMALL. I bought that as my first bag and wound up selling to for the City. Go w/ the City
  4. i like the first(small) more than the city (medium). i decided that bc i'm a shorty, the height of the city isn't flattering to me.
    that's probably why my favorite bag is the twiggy! it holds as much as a city but isn't as tall, which works well for me.
  5. I say for the city. It's a perfect 1st bbag.
  6. thanks ladies---i'll let you know what i decide---i live the twiggy too-but am determined to get a motorcycle 1st! i'm totally crazy about bags!!!!!!!
  7. a CITY is a great FIRST b-bag... it can hold lots of stuff!!!
  8. Get the City.
  9. definetly the city.
  10. CITY!! I am petite and I think it's a great size!
  11. Another vote for the city! It holds so much more than the first, but is not much more bulk because of the way it slouches!
  12. I'm going to vote for the City, too. :yes:
  13. I am torn too, but leaning towards the city.
  14. I love my City too - it's my first and only Bbag, and works great on my 5'2" frame! The First is super cute, but only good for the mall or going out.
  15. I recommend the City..