Torn between GSH Ivore Day & Bordeaux Work, Please help me decide!

  1. Hi all bbags lovers, I'm in a dilemna! :confused1:Please Help! :sos:

    I've returned a violet city to AR for an exchange of either GSH Ivore Day or Bordeaux Work. I've initially set my eyes on the Bordeaux Work (I love the style & color very much after owning a Jaune Work) but when the SA email me of the GSH Ivore Day, I was very quickly taken by this combination in Day. (I have always love white or off white bags and do have quite a few already, but not in a Day style at all).
    I'm not a great fan of Day but was mesmerized by this Ivore GSH.
    Now, my bag has arrived in AR, so its time to decide between these two bags. And its tought tho! So ladies, u think u can help me in this. Should I take the Bordeaux Work or the GSH Ivore Day? Would love both but not at this time. :sad:
    Here are the pics of both bags. Thank you.:smile:

    GSH Ivore Day
    Bordeaux Work

  2. Well, I personally LOVE the Ivory SGH combo but if you don't love the Day style don't get it. The Bordeaux Work is pretty, too!
  3. I like the Work style better, but I love the Ivore and SGH combination!
  4. The ivory day with SGH.
  5. I prefer the bordeaux work. It's such a rich and versatile color.
  6. love the bordeaux work looks sooooooo rich!:tup::tup:
  7. GSH gets my vote. I am getting this bag as well.
  8. I love the combination of the Ivory & Silver...The only thing that would bother me is the handles staining...:sweatdrop:
  9. Definitely the bordeaux work! I have a bordeaux first, and it is a lovely color! Plus, you can keep using it all through winter!
  10. I vote for the day - I saw this combo at Barney's the other day and was knocked out by how gorgeous it was. It's really special.
  11. I vote the bordeaux work. such a yummy bag.
  12. I think the bordeaux is such a yummy color! I like the Ivore, but I'd be worried about stains.
  13. Ivory with SGH is TDF!!!
  14. bordeaux work becaus ethey always have a whitish bag and the reds seem to vary a lot and this one is gorgeous!
  15. are you sure its bordeaux? I think it may be Grenat, no???

    I vote for the Grenat/bordeaux work.... much more versatile and easier to take care of... although the ivory SGH combo is TDF too, its just not practical... it will get dirty so easily and I'm worried that it'll yellow over time?