Torn between Fendi and LV

  1. I bought a Honey colored Fendi Spy today:yahoo: I have been wanting one since last year... my dilema is that ever since I got the email yesterday from LV with the Beverly bag... I SOOOOO want it... Should I keep the Spy and get the Beverly later? The Beverly is like 1k cheaper...
  2. I would return it, then use the $1k @ fendi so u can FILL Your Fendi gap, or get some accessories @ LV
  3. I don't love Beverly, so I say keep the spy and get Beverly later. If you compare spy with Epi Montaigne, I will choose Epi.
  4. Keep the spy.
  5. Feni who? get the LV...
  6. Keep Spy and buy LV later...
  7. I am not really into fendi, I would go with LV
  8. I would get the Beverly!!!!!!!! A lady on the flight back from Paris had one (that she had purchased at the mother ship). It was gorgeous, & I loved it. I would get the spy later.
  9. I Love LV but the Fendi Spy is a BEAUTIFUL bag. I say keep her and get the Beverly later.

    I saw a woman carrying the Spy today and it's gorgeous IRL!
  10. I'd return the Fendi and get the LV. :smile:
  11. I'd keep the Spy! You've been wanting it for a long time and it really is a gorgeous bag- you can always get the beverly later.
  12. The Fendi is such an amazing bag. Although it's not made and can't handle everyday use. While the Beverly is made for frequent use. It just matters on how often you plan on using the bag. I do think the Spy bag is stunning!
  13. I like the spy Waaaaay better than beverly
  14. Keep the spy, you have been wanting it. I most definately prefer the spy rather than the beverly.
  15. Anyone have a pic of Beverly? TIA.