Torn between Damier Trevi pm and Speedy 25

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  1. I want a Damier piece to use as an everyday bag so i can give my Tivoli GM and Galliera PM a rest ( i worry about the vachetta ).
    Im seriously in LVoe with the Trevi pm but i feel it's too expensive to use as an everyday knockaround bag. So i've also looked at the Speedy- great for everyday and is reasonably priced. But im afraid that once i get my hands on the Speedy, i will still want and crave for the TREVI. trevi offers a lot more options to use it but is it worth it?
    I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.
  2. I love my Trevi PM and will use it as an everyday bag. It's a perfect bag, IMO, and I'm a Speedy girl at heart. Get the Trevi!!
  3. I would definately go for the speedy if you are looking for an everyday kind of bag. If you still want the Trevi down the road, it will still be there waiting and you will have the speedy for those knock down drag out kind of days!!
  4. The trevi is just too precious to use everyday, but im thinking, for the price that i'm paying, i should be able to use it as much as i like.
  5. I love the Trevi PM but the Damier Speedy or Damier Saleya PM are tied for second choice!
  6. Get the Trevi! It may be expensive but it's a great everyday bag as it will hardly show any signs of use due to its' sturdiness! I use mine as a knockaround bag esp when out and about with my toddler and it's just fabulous!!
  7. If you can afford the trevi with no worries then I say go for the trevi! After the speedy you're going to want it anyway so might as well get the one you want, lol
  8. I don't find it too precious to use everyday. I just got mine today, but it is definitely one of my bags that I plan to use often. I'd use it everyday except that I like switching up with my other bags.
  9. I would have said trevi, but seeing as you have a tivoli, I'd definitely go for the speedy. The tivoli and trevi have that same fold on the bag. kwim?

    That plus you want a daily knockaround bag. The trevi is more polished, and the speedy can go either way (casual or not) I'd choose speedy.
  10. get the trevi!!! although, it's more expensive than the speedy but if you're intended to use it as every day bag, I think it's worth it.
  11. Both of them are incredibly cute, but I would choose the Trevi since the Speedy is common. The only major difference is the price! But I think you'll like the Trevi more since she's more versatile with a Handheld and Shoulder strap. And she is more structured (no sagging/slouching). So you won't have to worry about stuffing her with clothes to keep her shape.

    Trevi for me!
  12. I'd go for the Trevi definitely. Bags are meant to be used and since it's so expensive, you shouldn't have to worry about not being able to use it as much as you can.
  13. I love the Trevi and speedy both, but for an everyday type bag, I say speedy! And you are right, the Trevi is so much more $$$$$$$$$$ than the speedy.
  14. I love speedy's but in Damier i really prefer the Trevi. It is so pretty and ladylike - and it will dress up your most basic outfit when running around.
  15. trevi!! hands down.