Torn between black and brown

  1. Hi ladies...just a quick question. I recently purchased the Dylan (for half off!) in [SIZE=-1]Cuoio. Do you think it would be dumb to order a new Kooba in chocolate brown or are the colors way too similar? I'm just wondering if it would be silly to get two brown purses in a matter of three weeks. My other option would be black. Opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks! ;)
  2. I usually don't buy black bags.
    I migrate to cognac (cuoio) and chocolate brown. Most of my bags are these colors. I think cuoio is a great substitute for a black bag. The color just pops against black clothing. And then chocolate just seems to look great with everything else!
    So I say go for it!!
    Congrats on your deal on the dylan btw!
  3. Yeah...I normally don't buy black bags either. I don't own a black bag right now, so that's why I thought I'd get one. I just feel like I would love love love the chocolate one so much more!
  4. Then chocolate it should definitely be!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  5. Thanks for the help deciding! I changed my Isabella order from black to brown. :idea:
  6. Get both!!! I would!!! :yahoo:
  7. I wish I could afford both! :crybaby: