Torn between Bal and Chloé...which way to go?

  1. I have posted something similar in the GF but am still undecided...

    Here is my dilemma, I really like the new Chloé quilted bay and was wondering if it (medium) size should be my next purchase or if I should stick with Bal, knowing tha I have a Chloé paddy in choco on the way and another ivory hopefully by the end of next month???

    Here are my "options":

    Chloé quilted in moka or Bal day in café with GH
    Chloé quilted in black or Bal black day RH

    I know you are all Balfans but try to be objectif ;) .

    Here is a pic of the bay ... I am considering the black but in the size of thr ivory:

    And here some of the moka (Balchfen's):

  2. Hi Catcat!

    I love Chloe and Balenciaga equally and for totally different reasons! :yes:

    BUT I have to say that the Chloe Quilted Bay bag is IMHO the best bag to be released this season and an absolute MUST! Moka would be my choice of colour (as you know;) ) :love:

    The Day and the Bay are such different bags though, it really does depend what you are looking for :confused1:

    Not much help - hope some other girls chime in for you :flowers:
  3. I'm not fond of Chloé, and I love I would go for a Bal black day RH ...

    But I'm going to try to be objective...
    but for that I need to know what you have in your current bags Bal/Chloe collection...
  4. I would go for the Chloe in Moka and the Black Day. Have you considered the Black Day with GH? It's gorgeous in IRL.

    Great bags BTW, you're so lucky!
  5. Balchlfen...Somehow I knew you would say that;) It was your moka that got to me :p .

    I know the bags are very diffrent I am just looking for a "bigger" relatively dark bag that looks great with everything!


    I know the black day is just such an easy bag to carry


    sounds great but it would hve to be either or right now , hubby would have a major fit if I would get another 2.
    What the GH is concerned I really only like it with the earth tones.
  6. Cat - You know i have the Cafe Day with GH and you have been complimenting me ever since i bought it.:tender: Even though i love bbags (specially the day bag is my favorite now) for you i would recommand the Chloe bag.:yes: The Bay bag is gorgeous and i have seen it. It is going to be one of the hottest bags this year. Balenciaga is going to have the GH as part of their collection for a while and they are going to do the Silver hardware soon. So, you might like a different color later on. I have seen your picture and you look so elegant and chic that i think the Bay bag is the perfect one for you. :heart:
  7. I love both Balenciaga and Chloe. I am getting the new bay (white quilted) as soon as funds allow! xx
  8. Chloe bay by far, hands down is the best bag of the season. U gotta fit it in somewhere. I also vote GH bal as your number 2 choice.

    Good luck!
  9. Bal day in café with GH

    all the way!~!!
  10. Bal day in Cafe..I never like Chloe's weight.
  11. I would recommend waiting to decide until your two bags have arrived as you will know more what is missing in your collection.
    The quilted bay and the day are so different in style but are both great bags. Have you had a chance to try on the quilted bay in a store? That might influence your decision.
  12. I have two Chloe bags, a paddington and a clutch but i am just not feeling the new Chloe quilted bay. I love both brands but in this case I would get the bal.

  13. Nanaz your so sweet, that just made my afternoon good that you can't see me when I run in and out of the gym...:p

    NWpurselover these are true words of wisdom, I think your right. unfortunately they don't have the quilted bay down here I will be heading off to Paris in a couple of weeks might be better to wait until then!
  14. Go for the B bag !
  15. b bag all the way