Torn between bags !!!

Which bag to buy next

  • Mon Mono Speedy 40

  • Artsy MM Empreinte Bleu Infini

  • Artsy Azur GM

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May 12, 2011
I'm torn !!! I really wanted an empreinte artsy MM but couldn't convince myself to buy it before the holidays so I thought maybe 2012. Well now I have some gift cards and savings and a rumor of an increase, I wanna get something. My mind was set on a mon mono speedy 40 but now I'm reconsidering whether I should save longer and get the artsy. However I probably wont be able to buy the artsy for a few months. Then I'm also thinking of the artsy azur but might wait and hope they eventually release it in ebene. But then if it comes in ebene, I could've just got ebene and saved the money from the empreinte. So not sure what to do ?!? My hunch is mon mono but I'm worried about the vach in rain and snow that's why I like empreinte. HELP !!!!


Apr 21, 2011
I would save for the Empreinte that way you need to wait and see if anything new and interesting pops up in the collection ! Thats what I did, I was waiting to buy an epi briefcase, but then the antheia ixia came out and I jumped on that one! If you are hesitating at the moment, waiting might yield an unexpected surprise :smile: