Torn between bags...what to buy?


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Jun 9, 2020
Hi all, hope this is the write place to ask this - purseforum newbie here. Please let me know if there is a more suitable place to ask this.

I am currently want to but a bag this year - frankly I've never bought one with my own money before, although I do own a few luxury bags (they are all hand me downs from my older cousins- they look quite old fashioned).
I was thinking of Celine nano luggage or the Bulgari serpenti forever crossbody bag (the one with the top handle), although the shoulder bag also looks beautiful...I can't decide. The Serpenti looks sturdy but feminine, although for the brand itself feels a bit 'mature' for me - I am in my early-mid 20's. Colour wise not too fussed but something neutral (black or beige/brown).

The bag would ideally be suitable for most occasions - whether it's casual or for a nice dinner out. I would say my budget is anywhere from around 3000-4500AUD, or 5000AUD if I REALLY want the bag. I've been told by others that the nano luggage has 'too much' going on in terms of design but I would love to get some opinions from you guys as well. If there are other bags that you recommend I would love to hear your suggestions as well.
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May 25, 2006
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I think Bvlgari bags are a bit mature. And I don't think they're classic enough to last for next few decades. I'm also not a fan of them gifting Influencers free bags to get publicity, and should stick to jewelry.

Nano is ok, good construction, but a specific "look". Maybe a preloved Chanel mini or Celine teen box? Crossbody bags that can double duty for dressy & casual times.


Jan 19, 2020
I agree with the above poster. My advice is to buy something classic you can use for years. I’d suggest a pre loved mini chanel classic/boy or medium lady dior. You could also explore the LV alma bb, they come in different variations!


Jan 21, 2013
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Agree with both other posters. I used to think I wanted a Celine Nano Luggage too - about 3-5 years ago, and it seems like the style is on its way out. I'm relieved I didn't buy one (especially at full price!). The Bulgari is pretty but seems mature. If you like that sort of hardware and bold design, perhaps a Gucci Dionysus would be a younger look? Your budget is pretty generous though - I think you could get a lovely pre-loved Chanel CF for around AUD5000, and it would be a classic style that you'll wear forever (if, of course, you like the classic flap look!).


Apr 21, 2011
My suggestion would be to go to the store/mall that carries the largest variety of bags and try them all on!

Bvlgari makes some really lovely bags and their hardware is truly unique and gorgeous. I’m a bit puzzled by the mature association of the brand since I’ve only ever seen women in your age bracket wearing them.