Torn between 3 bags... Please help

  1. Please help me choose my next bag. Keep in mind that I rarely see LV so the fact that a bag is faked a lot is not an issue. I currently only have a mono petite bucket. I would like to add one more bag preferably a handbag. I want something that will still be stylish 5 years from now......

    Here are the bags that I am currently deciding between:
    Mono Speedy 30
    Damier Papillon 26
    Damier Speedy 25

    I am thinking about purchasing next week while elux still has free shipping.:yes:

  2. i'd go for the Damier Speedy 25. the Mono Speedy is too common, and the Papillon looks better in the 30 :biggrin:. and you won't have to worry about any vachetta if you get the Damier Speedy :yes:
  3. My vote's for the Papillon. ...but I'd upgrade to 30. ;)

    Speedys are too common... :Push:
  4. I would vote for the Damier speedy. You already have a mono bag, and the Damier makes a great speedy IMO because you do not have to worry about vachetta handles. I recently bought a Damier bag and I love it!
  5. yes if you want the Papillon get the 30 instead :yes:
  6. One of the Speedys. Can't go wrong with that if you like it already!
  7. i say go for the damier speedy 25 since you want a handbag and you already have something in mono! =)
  8. Mono Speedy 30 - You will ADORE this bag!
  9. Mono speedy.
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions. Please keep 'em coming.............:yes:
  11. Either Speedy...mono if you want another mono or damier to mix it up a little.
  12. I say one of the speedies definitely!!!
  13. Damier Pap 30, but I may be in a Damier induced haze right now.
    I am in love with all things Damier!
  14. go for the damier speedy 25:yes:
  15. Hmmmm.. why not a mono or damier alma? With the mono, you gotta worry about keeping the vachetta bottom clean. With damier you dont, and can have a better peace of mind. Both are classic and timeless, and the style is one of the icon bags of LV.

    Look outside those 3, get the alma :graucho:
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