Torn between 2 blue(s)

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  1. Was offered a Bleu Saphir (Interior Bleu Izmir) Lindy 30 ... its a fabulous 2 tone blue Lindy that I need exactly but my heart go to the opposite color combo ... what should I do ? sell this or just accept my faith ? :shrugs:
  2. May be wait until you find the "one" first and then sell it? GL deciding.
  3. Since this piece does not sing to u
    Wait patiently for your hg
    It Will come one day
  4. Pass
  5. The relative scarcity of Hermes bags makes it tempting to jump on anything and everything that becomes available, but I think most people ultimately regret doing so. If you don't love it now, it is unlikely that you will in the future, and these bags, etc. are just too expensive to buy unless they really work for their owner. Hermes may discontinue a color, but the odds are excellent that something very similar will be issued in the future, so I would say wait until you find what you truly want.
  6. personally i prefer the bleu sapphir on the outside as i prefer dark colored bags to avoid getting them dirty. the bleu izmir inside can be easily protected with a bag organizer.

    but if you really like bleu izmir tell your SA. it would look fab in a bolide, or jypsiere, or so kelly or.......

    in hermes i've learned - patience is such a virtue.

    i think there's a bleu izmir jypsiere on the uk hermes website.
  7. Pass, you should wait for what your heart desires!
  8. Thanks all, agreed also to Mindi B that the scarcity of Hermes bags especially for certain popular models largely affected my rational thinking.... I paid already... BS is a good color but just that I prefer a brighter blue... If I sell to reseller means I need to absorb 12% loss ... do you find BS or BI easier to carry ? Do Lindy looks better in mute or sharp color ? thanks
  9. I prefer this combo u got actually
    Bs is easier to match n maintain
    Ita both great colors
    U got it
    Enjoy it n happy using
  10. Agree. I think Blue Saphir is gorgeous and it makes a great neutral while still providing color. Enjoy!
  11. i LOVE Blue Sapphire -- have it in an Evelyne and would want it in a GP if it were available. It's as neutral as navy, but brighter and more interesting, IMO. Love BI as well, but I do think it will be a lot harder to match. Probably will look for a bracelet or something small in that shade.

    I do think that in your Lindy, you have the best of both worlds!
  12. If you aren't in love with the bag then I would suggest not buying it. You will eventually find your dream H bag. No worries.
  13. Pass. For sure.
  14. I would wait if I were you!
  15. I saw the opposite colour combo in switzerland maybe 2 weeks ago? I passed at the time, but it was gorgeous!!! PM me for the SA's info and perhaps you will be lucky! :biggrin: