Torn between 2 bags for my next purchase...


Mar 28, 2006
I would like to add another bag to my collection, and I'm EXTREMELY torn between the Vernis Alma MM in Bleu Galactic, and the Suhali Lockit PM in black. I am usually very decisive, so it's a strange and different feeling for me to be on the fence!

My heart swoons for Vernis (it's my favorite line) but I don't know if the Alma will be practical. I have searched high and low and couldn't find any pictures of people modeling the Alma MM. I don't live near an LV store so I cannot try it on.

I wouldn't consider myself to be a "blue" girl, but I am kind of loving the blue more than the pink. Bleu Galactic is so pretty and so unique! Is that going to be a "hot" color for spring/summer? Do you think the color has staying power? Is it timeless?

I have also been stalking the black Suhali Lockit PM for quite some time. Decisions, decisions! I thought the PM would be a better size for every day, but then I read another post about the MM size, and it sounded like that's a better size for every day. I don't tote a ton of crap around, but I don't want the bag to be too heavy by its own construction... I'm just so confused!

I tried on/fondled the gold metallic Suhali Lockit PM in the Forum Shops LV boutique, and I remember that it was very lightweight. Are the regular colors and the metallics the same weight and texture?

Getting back to my original thought: I'm torn between the Alma MM and the Lockit PM. I would love them both, but I cannot have them both. What other factors should I take into consideration before I make a decision?

Thanks for listening to me babble on and on. I welcome your thoughts!

Also, PLEASE post pics if you own either bag. Modeling pics, pretty please! :smile:


Jul 9, 2007
San Antonio, TX
I really like both bags! The blue is more spring/summer while a black bag can be worn all year long. That aside, i think the blue alma would pop out more. I personally don't own either bag but i would go for the alma in blue :yes: Both are beautiful...Good luck with your decision!


Oct 8, 2006
lockit gets my vote.....while the alma is gorgeous...when i saw it was WOW........but the suhali is much more classic IMO!!


Jan 16, 2006
for some reason the new vernis colors don't do it for me. They are nice, but I just don't see myself carrying them next year.


loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
I think the Lockit definitely has more staying power. Someone posted a poll here about everyone's favourite LV and aside from the speedy, the suhali lockit was the #1 bag!


Aug 15, 2008
The suhali lockit will be more durable. THe light blue patent can easily have color transfer problems. You will not be able to wear it with any dark colors or put it down on newspapers. You must be careful with it. If you go with vernis, you should go for dark color like Pomme d'amour or the Amethyst. Something that will not show color transfer. Look up the problems with light color vernis on the forum. That might help you decide