Torn again! CAFE or MARRON??? please help!

  1. okay..I know I know, a couple days ago, I decided on Cafe..
    and here I am putting another option down..Marron..:p

    I want you ladies' opinions again..

    is the cafe more shiny than the marron although darker?
    and which one would you pick?
    style is decided: a balenciaga CITY and it will be my very 1st exciting:graucho:
    s one more rare than the other?

    again, any thoughts/comments/feedback would be awesome:love:
  2. I have a Marron WE and I really like the color. Here's a pic.
  3. Both are gorgeous...but I think I prefer Café :smile:
  4. I like the Marron :smile:
  5. I would pick whatever color this is. I saw it IRL and it was the most gorgeous shade of brown, not too dark or blah. So what color IS this?

  6. ^^^Isn't that Truffle Glimmer? :confused1:

    Back to the original question - I love both browns but of the two I would pick Cafe :yes:
  7. MARRON all the way! cafe has reddish undertones which I don't prefer...marron is a really deep, rich sophisticated brown w/ almost purply undertones under certain lighting!
  8. that WE is so gorgeous!! :drool:
  9. another question::p

    which or marron would be more of an all year round bag..that'll look good in both summer and winter??;)

    and another one..oh god..i'm such a newbie :sweatdrop: ..

    cafe and black..what's the difference??

    thanks ladies* muah:love:
  10. Cafe has a dark brown tone so that is the difference between Cafe and black.
  11. i'll go with marroon :p
  12. Both are nice but I prefer café it's a warmer browntone and would make a great all year round color!
  13. hi ladies! thanks for all the help! keep your votes coming!! I really value your opinions!! :biggrin:

    so for now..I think Marron is taking the lead by 1 (4 votes)
    while Cafe has (3 votes)

    and another question..would 1225USD for a cafe city be too pricy in your opinion or is it a good buy?
  14. Cafe all the way
  15. Cafe is darker than marron, but definitely not as dark as black. Whereas Cafe has warm reddish undertones, Marron has cooler, grayish undertones.

    I really don't think you can go wrong with either, their both gorgeous shades. I happen to prefer cafe (which I have in a city). I think that's because I prefer warmer colors.

    It might help your decision to think about whether you are more drawn to warmer or cooler colors.