Torn about Xmas present: black GGH Balenciaga Day or black Jumbo Chanel w/ silver?

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  1. Hey girls! Well, I've come to the shocking? realization that I need a basic black bag. I find myself reaching for a black bag with many outfits, and I don't have one!:shrugs: So many fun colors and no basic colors..must be a purse fiend.:P Which would you choose? I love both, they would both fit with my wardrobe/lifestyle, and I'm not super picky about matching jewelry metal with bag hardware so that's not an issue. I'd love some opinions!

  2. Balenciaga!
    The chanel might be a little too heavy
    and plus the chain might dig into your shoulders
  3. My vote is for Balenciaga also.
  4.'s gorgeous!
  5. Tough one. The chanel is more timeless and the Balenciaga is more edgy and fun. If you are younger and more of a blue jeans kind of gal I would go for the Balenciaga otherwise you can't go wrong with chanel. Good Luck.
  6. Balenciaga. you can use it everyday with ease, and Chanel just raised the price on the jumbo from 2250 to 2650 i think but def effective tomorrow.

    The balenciaga however is 1595 w/ GGH
  7. Chanel because it's a classic and excellent quallity.
    Balenciaga isn't that good anymore qualitywise and it's very trendy with the GGH.
  8. Chanel jumbo, it goes with jeans and with dressy or office outfits...and it is timeless!!!:heart:H
  9. I'd say go for the Chanel first if you can only have one for now. It is a classic and the prices do keep going up. The Chanel is an all season handbag and has been around and will still be around for ages -an investment bag. Then, if your heart is still set on the Balenciaga then you can get that later on.

    Good luck!:flowers:
  10. i love the black balenciaga only with the giant silver hardware!
  11. Chanel, a classic which can take you from day to night. :smile:
  12. No doubt...the Balenciaga!
  13. Thanks for all the replies! I think I'm going to wait on the Chanel and get the Balenciaga, but I changed my mind again and I want giant silver hardware. hehe So indecisive! None of my friends in real life understand my dilemma. :smile: