Tormented. Need advice if I should buy.

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  1. I buy my bags for a certain milestone. Seeing/using them makes me happy as I recall the "occasions" I bought them for. I see them as rewards for a job well done! Then I don't need to justify the cost [emoji12]
  2. I used to feel super guilty buying Coach and kate spade bags. I remember this one coach bag that I liked a lot and it was in outlet for $180. I bought it and then went back to return and then went back again to buy it. It was a real struggle cause I couldn't justify spending that much money on a bag at that time.

    The jump to LV was somewhat incidental. I use to only know monogram pattern and I thought LV looks so stupid. Then one day I was out on a business trip with my coworker. She had this beautiful handbag. So beautiful that I kept staring at it. When she opened the zipper, it was so smooth. When she held it in her hand with her outfit, it was so elegant. I had no idea what bag it was nor what brand. I just remember staring at her bag and completely felt overwhelmed. I assumed it was expensive cause she is from an affluent family. I didn't dare ask her cause I didn't want to appear stupid. During that period my husband was also out of a steady job so it was a rocky time. That was 2010.

    Later she told me it is a LV bag. But she didn't know the bag model, she just went in and bought a bag. I didn't know LV had pattern other than monogram, so I was surprised, and I wanted to learn more. I went to a nearby LV store that week. It was packed with people. I dressed poorly and no one wanted to help me. I asked for a neverfull in ebene - I only knew speedy and neverfull at that time. I put it on, and it looked completely underwhelming. I was not impressed at all and couldn't justify paying 800 dollars for that bag. So I left empty-handed with a disdain for the brand. That was 2011.

    Nearly a year later (2012), I found out what bag my coworker was holding. I was browsing a website and saw a picture of this bag, but in another material. It was even more beautiful and elegant, and discreet. At first I didn't even know it was LV, but later I found out it was an Epi Alma. The bag my coworker was holding was a Damier Ebene alma pm, but the epi alma was even more beautiful. Now I know what I was looking for: Alma.

    It was the year of the rainbow color epi alma. Every color was so beautiful. When I walked into the boutique, I was so impressed by the colors and the beauty of the bags. And this time I met a SA that is so friendly. We clicked immediately. She was new at LV as well, so in a sense, we were both "new" to LV. My husband was with me that time, and given that he was earning steady income, he said "buy what makes your heart sing." And indeed I did. I went home with an Indigo Alma Pm. I will forever keep that bag as it is so special.

    That summer, I went back to school for graduate education. That summer was hard, so at the end of it, my husband said "you should go get something you like at LV, maybe a wallet." That is how I got my first LV wallet, a damier ebene zippy compact wallet. My SA hot stamped it for me. She said it was her very first hot stamp. It was special to both of us.

    In 2013 I bought two more Almas, a pomme Alma MM (now GM), and a Jaune Passion (yellow) bb. I love Alma so much, even though they don't work for my student lifestyle but I feel that it is particularly special to me as it was the very first bag I ever felt so passionate about - my love at first sight.

    So back to your question, OP, I think if you have a strong connection with a bag, you should definitely go for it. These are the best bags for you, not necessarily practical (now my most practical bag is neverfull, I have 5 of them; and my Alma bags are sitting in closet), but they are very special. To me, every time I see my alma bags, so many memories flush out, and I feel warm and nostalgic. I think as long as you can afford it, you should go for it.
  3. I think if you can find a well kept preloved bag in great condition for a good price, I would do that my first LV piece. Just to see if you could see yourself liking the brand in your life.
    I used to shop Michael Kors, Guess and coach. I always went for the cheaper bags, bc I was raised to save money, despite my family being kind of well off. My mom never spoiled us. So it stuck. But then I realized that I kept buying more bags bc they were so "cheap" as opposed to what I truly wanted. A LV Speedy classic in monogram...
    I got all my bags from outlet stores, and TJMaxx and Marshalls, but seriously, it adds up.
    All of a sudden I had a closet full of bags that are not easy to resell, but I did manage to do so, and finally had the money to buy my dream bag. And I used the heck out of it.
    I didn't even use the other bags when I had them. Got sick of them after a short time. And went hunting for a new bargain. Now I find it more sensible to have something I will USE rather something I am just buying bc it's on sale. I was 25 when I got my first LV. For my 30th I was given a Neverfull MM for my birthday by my parents, much to my mothers confusion of WHY that would be what I would want out of all my options, but she said something that stuck. She said: You could buy 20 bags for that money.
    And then I thought to myself. I don't want 20 bags I'm not going to use. I want these pieces I will have for the rest of my life. I only buy LV classics, because it gives me the peace of mind, that if I want to sell later I can. And I have sold some actually. And they sell like hot cakes, bc I take care of them. Now I get to play around with rotating my collection and I love it, rather than having a bunch of bags I don't use:smile: I still have some of those left to sell to. But it's harder. Last year I got myself a few Chanel bags. That was definitely over the top for me, so I sold off some of those, and kept only my Caviar Jumbo single flap 2008. It cost a lot! But! I am happy I invested in it! Got it preloved for a good price and I know I will have my money back and then some should I want to sell it later. Just like my LV's :smile:
  4. I feel your pain!! I've only recently fallen in love with LV... Had my heart set on a mini pochette (which isn't that expensive!) but couldn't decide on the canvas.. Also, I went back to university last year, so while I'm not broke, I'm certainly not well off either...

    To justify the purchase I sold all my old bags/shoes I no longer use, made way more than what I needed to purchase the mini pochette, then guilt kicked in... Instead I went with a great condition preloved mini pochette in mono, it was a bargain 50% cheaper! I feel NO guilt! Can't wait to receive and wear the bag...
    If I truly madly love the bag I can always go and purchase new...
    Preloved is also a great way for me to experience the mono canvas...
    I'm now searching for a mini in DE canvas....
  5. I keep asking myself the same question ;) .
    I was the same, I have never spent more than $200 on a handbag. I only started 2 years ago buying any "designer" bags. I bought a Michael Kors bag back then in a Las Vegas outlet for $200 and thought it was a real special luxury piece, haha.

    That said, I am earning enough money, but I come from a very "down to earth family" and got raised not to spend money on useless stuff. So although I admired Louis Vuitton bags, it never really was an option for me to actually buy one.

    Last year I started a new job with more income and I had 2 co-workers who brought their LV bags to work every day and I really caught the bug. I so wanted to have a special bag for myself. So when I got some unexpected extra money on Christmas, I decided it´s time for my first LV bag and I got the Speedy 30 DE. I was so happy and had zero regrets.

    From then on the barrier to buy LV items actually disappeared and I decided to rather save money for something I can really appreciate instead of buying lots of junk. And it works well. In the past I might have spent hundreds of dollars on junk per month. Now I just buy one piece that I really like and still have the same amount of money left.

    It´s my personal version of minimalism :lol:
  6. I hear you and it's very normal! I was raised to never pay retail so my splurges were Gucci from the outlet store. I was always surprised by colleagues who made less than I did that had no problem walking into LV and spending so much on a bag. My first LV was a pre owned multiplicite from eBay. After that, I fell in love with the Tivoli PM. I was on the wait list and bought it new from the boutique. I think it was around $850 at the time. I must have gone back and forth in my head a million times about returning it, I felt so guilty spending that much. I kept it but only used it for special occasions. Now fast forward 10+ years and maybe 20 LV's later, I still get a ton of guilt and anxiety but the fact is I love handbags and get a lot of joy out of using them and looking at them in my closet. The thing I feel most guilty about are all those outlet bags that I never use but bought because they were a good deal. So, my advice is that you should take the plunge. Just by asking this question and giving it so much thought, you are being responsible and conscientious. Try to buy from somewhere that has a decent return policy (I personally really like Yoogi's Closet). And remember the worst thing that can happen is that you discover that it's really not for you and you resell it. LV does well on the resale market since they don't discount their bags. Good luck and looking forward to your reveal. [emoji6]
  7. Thank you all for your amazing replies! I am sorry it took me awhile to reply, though. Sometimes, I like reading more here than replying, but I know I should because it's my thread! haha.

    I do find it very encouraging and feel a great amount of support from all of you, especially when you tell me about your personal stories about buying LV, sometimes your first buys. To hear that many of you went through the same thing I'm going now, and then to see where you all are in terms of being OK with your purchases, have things figured out, and accepting of your (rather expensive) hobby, makes me feel like it's all going to be OK and I will eventually find a nice balance as well.

    Many of you brought up some great questions that I really need to ask myself. Basically, am I going to be OK to live day-to-day after dropping some money on a bag and can I take care of myself and my family if an emergency was to happen? Yes. Being able to answer yes to that is helping me a little bit, in terms of buying my first LV bag.

    I would love to buy a pre-loved bag, but I'm so new to the brand, it's hard to determine what's real and what's fake and I'd hate to buy something for $800+ and find out it's fake. If I do buy, I'm going to likely buy a new one until I feel more comfortable and schooled on the brand. And I will definitely show you all what I pick out! There's two I've been eyeing.

    I know I'll be like this and my boyfriend will be the same. I've already talked to him several times about whether or not I should buy a bag, or if it'd be stupid of me to buy a expensive bag and he's been nothing but supportive so far. He tells me it's ok and worth it to treat myself and think about myself every once in awhile, like many of you said.

    This is another good point. I currently own several Kate Spade bags, half of my collection I'm thinking about selling because I just bought them because they were too pretty to resist! At least with LV, I won't be able to have that power, in a sense.

    This is something I need to do, save up for a bag. It would definitely make me feel better in terms of buying. It makes me wonder if I should just try doing saving separately now because if I buy a bag, despite contemplating about it since November, I will essentially just be buying with the funds I have saved up now and that's what is making it hard.

    I don't want to buy a bag that's just going to sit in my closet. Sadly, I think lots of Kate Spades already do. I want to find a bag that I know I'll wear everyday. It's just kind of a shame that most of the bags I like are the DA print and I do worry about dye transfer... This begs the question if I should invest in a bag that's so expensive that I may end up wearing less because of this fear. How do people who own DA get over that?

    Thank you so much. Another good point to make. I'm new to the brand, but still don't know if it's for me and I do like the fact that I could resell a bag I buy and still make a pretty decent amount back, if it came to it. I know I'd be the person who takes care of my bag, but not in the sense where I barely use it because what's the point?

    I am also in a good position right now to be able to treat myself, if I wish. When I say my family, I just mean my boyfriend, me and my dog. Currently with a job that doesn't exactly bring in a lot of dough, but enough where I can live comfortably. I don't think I'd be asking this question if I were married with kids.

    Again, thank you all for replying. Please keep them coming. It means a lot!
  8. I think in the end we spend a lot more effort going back in forth. I remember my first expensive handbag purchase. My husband took our small family to Paris. I scoured the stores for a handbag but we both knew the one I wanted. It was a Chloe Marcie. Once we took the plunge. It was the right decision and I could have been doing something else Paris then trying to find a alternative to the bag I really wanted. My fourth bag was finally a LV. I jump around a lot with designers. I love this particular LV because it was a gift from my husband after our second child was born. I needed a lighter bigger bag to carry things in.
  9. I don't want to discourage you from getting the bag you really want, but I'd be hesitant to get DA as my first LV. I would be too worried about getting the vachetta dirty and color transfer, particularly if you wear jeans often. Then again, I don't own any DA so others may chime in with a different view.

  10. This is so true... I am having the same issue as the OP but I am taking the plunge. I often envy my husband because he buys things with no remorse while I stay up thinking of what I could have done with the money (which by the way wouldn't have been spent that way in real life). I look around my room and walk in closet and see that I have spent enough money on small things that add up to 3 Chanel bags. Also, I put my preLVoed bag on layaway through FashionPhile. I stalked my bag until it was 30% off then I made the plunge and put it on layaway. There are also other consignment shops that offer layaway...(,, etc.) I too had to make baby steps so I wouldn't feel so guilty.
  11. I too had never spent more than $200 on a bag. I think I was just a bit insane :biggrin: giddy and excited when I bought my first LV in a boutique. I absolutely :heart: 'd it and simply told myself I was worth it. It was an amazing experience, where I felt like a princess and my SA was just adorable !!!

    This is why I hesitate to buy pre-loved. I do love LV for LV but part of what I love is that I feel that I am worth something so nice. I don't always have to stick to $200 bags and put everyone else's needs in the family ahead of mine.

    There is always going to be responsibilities in your life. Always!!! But life is more fun if you let loose and just allow yourself to have bit of fun. And if you ever are in dire straights check out how much pre loved bags in bad condition sell for. I saw one water damaged and described as "smells like mold" SOLD for $400. :nuts: You can always make a good chunk of money back if you need too.
  12. The great thing about LV is that if you buy a classic and treat it well, it can easily last you decades. And if it's a classic style like Speedy in something like DE, it would still look like you just walk out of the store with it. My first LV, I started small with the Epi Pochette, 15 years later, it still looks perfect. But my rule of thumb for handbag splurges is that is must be less than 5-10% of my liquid savings and truly affordable that I wont miss that money. Therefore I can never say "if I didn't buy it, I could have spent it on xy or z" cause I could still get xy or z if I really wanted to. Or if an actual emergency came up, I won't look at it and say it could have paid for my emergency instead.
  13. One thing that you have to remember is that luxury items, particularly premier designer ones, are not a “need” in the sense that you need a roof over your head, food on the table and emergency funds , etc. It is, in my opinion, a “want”, something to be enjoyed AFTER you have all your necessities covered. If your bills are getting paid, you have food on the table and still have enough in case of an emergency, I say why not treat yourself? Your deserve it.

    As far as feeling guilty, I did regret my first LV purchase eventually but certainly not because I had to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.:lol: It was more because it was an impulse buy and not well thought out. The bag is handheld and I'm more of a shoulder bag type of person so the guilt comes from not carrying the bag often enough because it doesn't quite fit my lifestyle.

    So I say, if you can afford it, go ahead and treat yourself. Just make sure it's something that will fit your lifestyle and will get the most use out of.