Tori's GRENAT city

  1. is this the 06 grenat?

  2. looks like it could be, but mine looks a bit redder than that in the sunlight.
  3. It also could be Bourdeaux. Are there any more pics?


    J :smile:
  4. i could be wrong additional picture

  5. I think it's bordeaux because I've seen this photo since quite a while ago :yes:
  6. thanks lovensparkle:heart: :yes: :biggrin:
    i really :heart: that color couldnt apload the other pictures too big
  7. I am more curious to know if she is pregnant? That has been a rumor lately...
  8. I think it's just her dress...she shouldn't be as far along as that pic looks! Probably just "poofy." That City looks tiny...I think all of these pics are a ploy to encourage me to switch my order to the Work!
  9. lol, it's the big "balenciaga city vs. work conspiracy theory" ET!!! :roflmfao:

    p.s. extra emphasis on "BIG"!!!
  10. Oh, I know! I thought I only really liked the First or at most the Twiggy style, but now I've gone to waiting for a City to wanting the work and even a Weekender! :lol: