Tori Spelling's Mystery Purse

  1. Hi everyone,

    I posted this originally in the "authenticate this chloe" thread, but it always got lost in the shuffle. Hopefully a wandering Chloe expert could weigh in on this mysterious purse.

    I attended Tori Spelling's estate sale a few moths ago and I purchased one of her vintage (and pricey) chloe bags (see pics below).

    It had been altered and slightly used, but still had all the tags with it and was in very good shape. The problem was - I had no idea what kind of bag it was and Tori wasn't able to help me.

    I have tried to identify this bag, with the help of a few tPF members, but unfortunately we can't seem to determine it's name either.

    Now, I want to be clear since I noticed the warning against selling on these forums. I am NOT trying to sell this bag here.

    I desperately need help identifying the bag, since I'm very new to this world. Any help would be appreciated!


    Here are the pictures of the purse:





  2. Just wanted to say this bag is beautiful! I've searched up and down the internet and I couldn't find anything... i'm curious to know what it is too. I'm so sorry I couldn't come back with an answer... i've truly given up on a web search. Hope someone here knows.
  3. If I were you, I would call or email a Chloe boutique and ask for help. They are notoriously unfriendly (at least in my experience), but perhaps you will get a person who is willing to help. Good luck!