Tori Spelling's LV

  1. I'm confused. Where does it say it belonged to Tori?
  2. I'm thinking the same thing:shrugs:
  3. I'm curious to see how much that goes for.
  4. Is this her way of making money since her mother cut her out of her dad's will?? Is it even her stuff??
  5. i know seriously, daddy left her less than 1 milion and now she is selling off everything hoping that "her name" will drive up the selling cost. you were on 90210 honey and even that were father gave you.
  6. ^ hahah so true
  7. sorry about the original link guys...I was half asleep and =must have clicked the wrong thing (it happened in my other posting too) duh!
  8. I honestly feel bad for her. Imagine going through life not knowing if people want to be friends with you because of who your father is or just because. Same goes for her relationships.:sad: I truly hope she finds happiness.
  9. When I saw that auction I was actually curious to see what other bags she might auction off LOL She's gotta have some good stuff!
  10. hmmm, is she that hard up for money now that she needs to sell a used bathrobe, give it to charity or something......and does "streamline" mean I need to move into a smaller house and get rid of my stuff b/c I can't afford it all.....I kinda feel bad, but not for long......

  11. I am with you with this Irene..It's kinda sad..
  12. yeah, I feel really bad now, she's selling a bunch of stuff! stuff that if it were me, and I'm by no means wealthy, I would be giving most of it to charity, not the bags, but most of the clothes....I mean the parents got her into this type of life and then the father dies and they screw her! what kinda parents are you, they kinda made her dependent on them (of course I don't know them or any of this, but that's what it seems like)