Tori Spelling's Garage Sale

  1. Tori Spelling is having a "Dazzling Hollywood Estate Sale" on Friday and Saturday at her Los Angeles home.

    She must have some amazing bags and shoes. :yes:
  2. would love to see pics :cutesy:
  3. ^^Yeah me too!
  4. Oops...
  5. I have read somewhere that her late father left everything to his wife...?
  6. Sorry but I give my clothes to a womans shelter. Find this very classless on her part.
    She got several hundred thousand $ in her inheritance. Get a job or learn to live with in your means. Goes to show people who are filthy rich should teach their kids how to support themselves. Tacky!
    Her late fathers wife is Toris mother.
  7. She may not be broke just be trying to be frugal. That is responsible. She paid alot for that stuff probably wants some of her money back like we do when we resell.
  8. ^^^ hmm I disagree. How do you know she hasnt ALREADY given clothes to homeless shelters etc?? We cant assume. Also, does that make people who sell old furniture, clothes, toys at saturday garage sales also classless?? I mean cmon now, we cant judge her or anyone else for that matter.
  9. I saw no true designer clothes for sale that she would of paid alot of money for.
    How many people who come from a family of billionaires have gargage sales? Don't compare apples to oranges.
    "To those whom much is given, much is expected."
  10. I agree.
  11. ummm if those eBay items are really hers, why would she be selling size 36 shoes? Isn't that like a size 6???? very odd.
  12. I thought that Tori inherrited a whopping $800,000. The rest went to the Mom. Also Tori and the new Hubby are taping a reallity show.
  13. Yes, but that is also Tori's mother. This statement sounded like it was some second wife or something.
  14. I thought about that also. Her foot seems like it would be larger. I would picture her as an 8 or something! :shrugs: