Tori Spelling's Chloe

  1. no thank you.
    even if it's hers, that would be the reason i'm not buying :roflmfao:
  2. This doesn't make sense to me that she's selling all this stuff.....I don't know if anyone looked at anything else via the posts here and in the LV section the other day....but there were pj's, robes, old juicy skirts/dresses.......I'm not wealthy and I don't sell crap like that, I donate it, the whole thing just seems a little strange to me!
  3. she happens to be broke now. because her mother refuses to give her money since the death of her father.
  4. still.. i dont believe it either. im with you lola24, it just doesnt happen. you dont SELL clothes, you donate them and move on.. and you cant go from filthy rich to so poor you have to sell your goods on ebay in a matter of weeks?
  5. that , i must agree too :P
  6. maybe because she thinks that she's TORI SPELLING, people will want to buy her old pjs and sweat suit..hehehe :P
  7. I thought this woman sold Toris bag a while ago....I thought it looked just like this. I think there should be a post on the PF about it from a few months ago:huh:
  8. The funniest thing is that they are trying to portray her as this pauper in the tabloid mags. I saw one where her and her husband were arguing in front of a pawn shop.:lol:
  9. Why is she selling her stuff on ebay? Is it for charity?
  10. ^I don't think it's for charity, just for personal gain!

    Thanks, but no thanks! :lol:

  11. Yeah! I saw that photos too..on Australian magazine..haha..:P but do you ladies think those bags are actually belongs to Tori? I personally doubt it..:graucho:
  12. ^ i doubt that, too. i acutally doubt the whole story about the inheritance. :shrugs:
  13. Ohhh I heard about this (her selling her stuff up on ebay)! Was wondering what she'd put up for sale...

    But seriously, what a publicity stunt! First, those pics of her & her DH shopping at the dollar store and pawn shop... and now this...
  14. There is a story in USWeekly about her selling her stuff on ebay.