Tori Spelling's bags on eBay

  1. are FAKE. I saw 2 this morning. I tried to paste the link but my computer is fighting me. anyway, there's an orange and a blue one--hideous fakes.:yucky:
  2. Oh dear... :s
  3. Oh no! I saw another brand she had listed a few weeks ago and they were fake as well.
  4. are those really her bags?
  5. Makes me wonder too? :shrugs: Not that I'm a fan...
  6. I think somebody is trying to fool people into paying loads for this, not because they are (supposedly) Tori's but because people will believe they are real as they doubt she would own fakes.

    This is possibly worse than outrightly selling fakes!
  7. ^ I agree. That is so wrong! Look at all those shoes though! Too bad I wear size 8.5 lol!
  8. i think that because Tori Spelling was having an estate sale a while ago, people might believe those are hers, but i'm pretty sure with her Bed and Breakfast, and her Baby and Husband... there is no ebaying by Tori.

    i think someone is just tryin to make a killing... how awful!
  9. Ooooh Yes nice shoes.

    I think they have got some things from her Estate Sale but that they are trying to sell off other stuff as well and thought they would get more money for it if they said it was hers.
  10. Did anyone report this? I will after I look a little closer. The tag doesn't look right.
  11. poor tori.
  12. Wow...
  13. ^ ew... wouldn't they be playing the game and feeling up on each other at the same time? Why would anyone buy that?