Tori Spelling's baby shower

  1. Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott celebrated the impending birth of their son this past Saturday with a blue-themed baby shower at Elixir Tonic & Tea in West Hollywood. "We're so excited to share this special time with our friends. We can't wait to meet the little man. We feel him kicking all the time and we're so eager to finally see him," Dean told People about their baby boy, due March 28th.
    Tori, dressed in a blue mini-dress, was surrounded by about 50 guests, including her Beverly Hills 90210 costar and fellow celeb mom Jennie Garth and Tori's So NoTORIous reality show "mom" Loni Anderson. Noticeably absent was Tori's estranged mom, Candy Spelling. "I've loved being pregnant, but I'm ready to give birth. I can't wait to be a mom and hold this little baby in my arms," Tori told People.
    The Tupperware sponsored shower was planned by Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels, who said, "They wanted the party colors to mimic their baby's turquoise blue and chocolate brown nursery." It included a menu of grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna melts, pigs in a blanket, mini corndogs and all blue desserts, including blueberry popsicles, all served on blue Etch-a-Sketch trays.
    Guests left the shower around 7 p.m. with a $600 gift bag created by The Silver Spoon, filled with "Everybody's Nuts" pistachios, blue Belly Bars, Kama Sutra Weekender love kits, Michael Stars T-shirts, Too Faced Lip Injection, novelty books Haiku Mama and Penis Pokey, a $250 pearl bracelet from Pearl Paradise, an InphantElefant baby blanket, and, of course, and of course, Tupperware. Gifts Tori and Dean received included Bumble Bags diaper bags and Tummy Honey products.
    Viewers will be able to watch the shower on the couple's new reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love on the Oxygen network in March.
  2. Thanks for posting... I think they had pics taken, they should surface soon.
  3. aren't her 15 minutes over?
  4. mini-corndogs served on blue Etch a Sketch trays.

    I knew if I kept reading these celebrity stories that sooner or later I would hear about something that made me green wth envy...
  5. I feel bad for her father. For a man who worked himself up to the top and genuinely loved his family, he would no doubt be very unhappy at how Tori and Candy are acting.

    Although I would also be more than a little miffed if my mom didn't call me when my Dad died even if we were estranged.
  6. Here are the pics.
  7. Pics aren't showing up....

    Also, since when has a celebrity has a "sponsored" shower - wow, I never knew this took place - having a sponsored shower - odd?
  8. from limoge to do you incorporate tupperware into a baby shower? i feel for tori. having a child is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. to have my mother not want to be a part of it...i bet her daddy's rolling over in his grave.
    i never really cared for tori spelling but this situation is showing her as a "real" person, like the rest of us. hope they have a healthy baby.
  9. your welcome:heart:
  10. She looks rather strange to me in the pics. I've never liked her and don't think I ever will however I wish the best for her and her baby.
  11. I so seriously dislike her! I think she is a no talent money grubber. She is only famous because of her father and because he put her in his show. I can't stand how she so quickly dumped her first husband either and got re-married.

    Also-I thought she was broke? How is she giving out $600 party bags? Eesh-she needs to go away!

    OK-my dislike for her clouded my reading! I didn't see the part about the shower being sponsored by Tupperware. Can we say WTF??????
  12. LOL, it was sponsored by a company!? Tacky! Is she aimming to be the next Star Jones?

    Of all the babyshowers I've been to the mom-to-be received nearly everything off the registry without a corporate sponsor.
  13. Im' not a big fan of her either, but I must say that here she looks much better than on the other picstaken of her lately.

    Did you notice that the guy who's carrying the baby stuff on the first pic is really cute, or is it just me? :p
  14. A dear friend of mine was friends with Tori for a period of time (socially)...she said Tori was a wonderful person. She could not say enough about her and her small circle of friends.
  15. i like tori, sorry that she and her mom can't come together