Tori Spelling

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    After a brief marriage, the 90210 *star*, Tori Spelling, has already moved on to a new man. It's nice to see Hollywood finds it so easy to marry and divorce so quickly- at least Tori has a gorgeous bag with her (and has figured out how to put money in the meter- there must have been no valet service around for her Range Rover). I forget why anyone cares about her again?! :wacko:
  2. One of my major annoyances these days is people who spend sooo much money on extravagant weddings and then end up getting divorced within just a couple years. It's such a waste!

    I doubt it won't be too long before Tori's dad springs for another multi-million dollar party for her next "commitment."
  3. Yeah seems like a waste, but if you have the money hell why not! :biggrin:
  4. I don't like her (I don't even care about her and her career and her sentimental life) but her Chloè is gorgeous!
  5. With those ugly cowboy boots, Chloe, mannish face, bleached hair and boob job - she really is going for the Jessica Simpson look.
  6. I never found Tori the least bit attractive :blink:
  7. Or talented, either!
  8. Unfortunately, she just wasn't born with classically beautiful genes.

    All the plastic surgery she went through to become more of a standard beauty IMHO just made her look worse.

    There is good plastic surgery and there is bad plastic surgery. One of my favorite sites is . People like Chelsea Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, and many major stars have undergone subtle surgery to improve their facial features, and they look better for it. I don't know who the hell Tori Spelling hired to do hers.
  9. ^^^damn some of those are nasty, especially the guy who turned out looking like a tranny :sad:
  10. I think she started to move on even while she was married. LOL J/K (LOL Started early...)

    Luvin' the bag! :smile: Is it just me or is her outfit...just not mixing 100% well together? Either something is missing, or something should be missing. :smile:
  11. I'm not a great fan of hers, and I certainly don't follow her work much. Anyway she has a new show starting Sunday called noTORIous, I figured it can't be more painful than Beverly Hill's 90210. (i hope ) So i may check it out.

    Are you a Tori fan ? Will you be checking out her new show ?
  12. I've seen it advertised on VH1 but is it about her life or is it a fictional sitcom? I can't tell...:blink:

    Oh, and I can't stand her..not a fan at all! Her eyes make her look like she's permanently surprised! Kind of like this --> :weird: or this :smile: get the idea.
  13. I would watch it if it was aired in Canada. Don't think we will get it.....
  14. It's fun to watch.
  15. I'm not a Tori fan at all, but this show looks to be pretty funny.
    I like it when people can make fun of themselves and that's the basic premise of the show.