Tori Spelling Vintage Purse

  1. I think it´s very elegant and cute
  2. I wonder if its authentic? Is this really from Tori's collection?
  3. I am not a TS fan at all. . . I'd have to love the bag to buy it! :yes:
    I want a wristlet, but not that one.
  4. Apparently, this friend has been selling everything she doesn't want. Well it is Tori in the photo.
  5. I find this mildly amusing since all of the tabloids reported that her dad didn't leave her much. It is very ironic that she is selling her stuff when there are reports that she needs money (i don't think money will ever be a true issue for her - its just amusing)
  6. They look kinda fake to me- and not very attractive! I heard that Tori Spelling still got something like $300,000 or more from her father's inheiritence.
  7. The CC logo looks weird to me on the first one. I'm not that excited about either of the bags. I guess if your dad is Aaron Spelling, you can buy whatever Chanel you feel like without mulling it over and being selective....
  8. ^do you mean are they authentic? Or do we like them?
  9. $300 g's is nothing to Aaron Spelling , or Tori for that matter ! What is up w/ that ? I wonder how much E True Hollywood story paid her ? Hehe.

    That purse is too 80's for me , it doesn't even look pink but more like beige . The wristlet is ok , I would never buy it though .
  10. One of the Chanels looks fake to me also
  11. I like the vintage purse, but there's always the authenticity issue, and I think the CCs look a bit odd, but since I have no chanel knowledge at all, I don't know if it's supposed to look like that. However, I'm watching the auction, and if I have money and the price doesn't increase a lot, I'll bid.
  12. Have you seen how much they are going for now. $455 for the wristlet at the moment. Personally i don't like them. Tori not doing too bad at the moment.