Tori Spelling bag in movie


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Jan 3, 2006
I watched a mostly forgettable Tori Spelling movie on Lifetime a while back called "Mind Over Murder." She carried a white tote-like bag with two pockets on the front. Did anyone else watch this and happen to know what brand of bag this was?
I've done some looking around, and the bag looked very similar to a Marc Jacobs Stella (sorry, I don't know how to import a picture here), except I remember the bag in the movie maybe having some straps on the side, from front to back, kind of like the ones on a Paddington. The front pocket, flap and closure was like the front pockets on the MJ Stella. Any suggestions on what bag this might be?
We are all very visual people. If you can figure out how to post the picture here from one of the the How-to Pictures threads, I think you will get your answer very quickly.
well here is the stella bag...


i'll see if i can find a photo of her in the moviee....
Thanks for posting the Stella, Fayden. I've been trying everything I can think of under Google to find a picture of her in the movie with the bag, but I didn't come up with anything either.
Since this is a Lifetime Movie, I would be suprised if it was an actual MJ bag - and not just a lookalike.

Made for TV movies have very low budgets, and it's possible that the entire warddrobe budget for Tori's character was the price of a Stella. I mean they hired, Tori Spelling, didn't they? They couldn't have had much money to spare.