Tori & Dean: Inn Love

  1. Am I the only one who watched this? I really thought it was very cute. Don't hit me!
  2. You are not the only one! Iwatched it and I really liked it! I even convinced my coworker to watch it online and she liked it to. I loved that Dean had the t-shirt that said "I knocked up Donna Martin"!
  3. I watched it too. I loved "So NoTorious", so I figured I would give this one a shot. I will definitely keep watching. BTW, my friend works for the Oxygen Network and got an email (as did the rest of her team) from Tori. She showed it to me, and I was so me she will always be Donna Martin. :lol:
  4. I think Tori is adorable. I saw a whole new side to her when she was at the financial planner's office and he was chastising her. That was hilarious! "Use your brain to do something other than grow hair" Her expressions were priceless!
  5. I missed it, but your comments are funny!
  6. I missed it.... I will try and watch it when it comes on again. I loved So Notorious.
  7. It had gotten some pretty good ratings.
  8. Where online can the show be watched? We live out in the country and don't receive the oxygen channel
  9. i loved it!! :smile: i will totally watch it on the regular! :smile: i think shes super cute i was a DIE HARD 90210 fan so its awsome to see her again
    and she looks so cute all preggers!

    cant wait to see more

    who is he btw? is he anyone? or just some guy! hes so sweet with her i love it!
  10. I wanted to watch it so bad but I don't think I get Oxygen Network. I love her though, she's so funny!
  11. I watched it online too, I don't get that channel.

    I think that's the full episode. I found a "torrent" and download it that way. It's a little hard to explain.

    Her husband is an actor too. They met a few years ago when they were both married to others and they were filming a Lifetime movie in Canada. He seems like a good guy!
  12. I watched one episode yesterday night. Thats when she went to the OB and asked the doctor to check her cos she was bathing the day before and she was sure she boiled the baby.
    That seems silly but as a pregger I get paranoid about things too :smile:
  13. awww i missed it...i'll check indemand later tonight...oxygen always repeats so i'm sure it'll be on some time soon
  14. darn I missed it, forgot to set my Tivo. I hope they replay as I want to see it.
  15. lol i just saw part of an episode where she thought the baby died inside her from a heartache because they had rough sex the night before and she hadn't felt the baby move all day