Tori & Dean at the American Music Awards

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    she is so hot hot!!:yes: :graucho:
  2. She tries and she tries, but...well.......
  3. Aside from being married to Tori - what is Dean's claim to fame?
  4. lol, was thinking the same thing. i'm not her biggest fan and that's for sure.
  5. I think that pregnancy makes her look somewhat better! She fills out more in certain places and she has that glow! She hasn't looked this good in years!
  6. Wow, I wish I look that good when I get pregnant. Tori looks stunning in this pic.
  7. The sheer overlay being a different length of the underlying dress just makes the proportions of the dress look kind of odd. But, in the first pic she definetely has the love-dovey goo-goo eyes for her DH. :yes:
  8. I think she looks good. I like her. She's kind'a funny.
  9. She looks good.. I forgot she was pregnant!
  10. i saw her presenting in the AMA show, didn't even look like she was preggy. she does looks great!
  11. she looks great!!!
  12. She looks pretty good. They look happy.
  13. She looks cute and happy.
  14. Wow...pregnancy agrees with her .... she looks gorgeous!
  15. she looks great but her dress is :shrugs: