Tori Burch

  1. adorable lady, makes wonderful purses and other stuff. Now dating Ron Perelman according to Page Six. Had to share.
  2. Is Ron Perleman the Revlon guy? Did he and Ellen Barkin divorce? It's hard to keep these people straight. If she's happy, good for her.
  3. He is and they did...just recently.
  4. As long as she doesn't marry him- she will end up being kicked to the curb- just like Ellen Barkin...
  5. What next?
  6. Isn't he like 70????
  7. ...but she walked away with 20 million in cash and 20 million in jewels!! :P
  8. Wait - when did she get divorced. I thought she was married with 6 kids.
  9. LMAO,Yeah thats a pretty good deal.:lol: :lol: :lol:

    But seriously this is a total surprise to me?:confused1:
    Tori with him?I mean i dont want to make judgments but i didnt thought she was the kind that would go with a guy like him.
    Yes i am sure he has a sparkling personality and wonderful looks?:P :rolleyes:
    But still,anyway i thought she was married so this comes even as a bigger surpsire!
  10. Ron Perelman is known to be a control freak especially with his wives. I don't think Tory being super busy with her fashion line(that's partly financed by her soon to be ex) would be conducive to Ron. He wanted Ellen Barkin to make movies when she was married to him because it was time away from him. I think all the ladies that are circling to be the next Mrs. Ron Perelman should remember the man's track record: 4 divorces. Not a good stat to have!
  11. I love Tory. She's already had two mega-rich husbands, AND a mega-succesful company, so hopefully she and Perelman were just talking businss. :s