Tori--Are Those Your Inks?

  1. Tori--I just noticed 2 inks--Small and City up on ebay from Tori-NJ. Is that you? I thought you loved your City? What happened? Or is it a different Tori-NJ????
  2. i love that ink city... considering trading in my hobo for it
  3. oh la la i want the ink first.
  4. Yes, they're mine - I really want black - more my style. Most of my other bags are black, so once I sell I'll be adding more black!
  5. inks galore!
    tori had her ink twiggy up on ebay which i'm eagerly waiting to get! :smile:
  6. Hope this isn't a violation since we transacted through ebay....anyway - Jen - you should have your bag today!