1. purple, blue, black, gold cerise pink, green, orange, yellow, white, teal-ish blue......
  2. D - you would suit the pale blue, black or purple.
  3. and it will be just my luck that there will never be a pale blue, black OR purple pop up anywhere in my lifetime and I'll be stuck with turquoise!
  4. nah, I see Torana every now and again on eBay....you'll get one. It was a popular one...I mean, it IS Annie, after all!!
  5. .....aaaahhhh.....just feeling grumpy, that's all. It's so dang HOT here that I'm a little testy.

    And you know what else I'd like to find? A Cave Felem in any color other than Baby Poop brown! I'm not kidding!!!! Just show me one color way in this design that's NOT baby poop brown.

  6. Ahh.. GF and the first name basis.

    S'Mom...I wish my hyper liberal Alaskan residence would throw global warming out the window, for once, and invest in a dang air condition.. I'm melting!

  7. I AM, J! I have no airconditioning either! I'm like a wet dish rag tonight and even though I should be in bed already, I can't bear the thought of laying down and sticking to the sheets!!!!

    So, I'm prowling eBay in an effort to find a little something to lift my damp spirits and all I can find is a turquoise Torana and a baby poop Cave Felem!

  8. Me and Annie....we're like this!
  9. Can she send us 2 air- conditioners, PLEASE?
  10. howz-about black?

  11. I love those elephants!
  12. ^^^LOL, totally agree here! Why don't they do it in blues or reds or greens or ANY color but THAT color!!!

    (will be watching for your Torana)
  13. Pretty scarf!! Sending some cool air your way shopmom...wooosh!!!