1. Never been to a store but was looking online at the clothing, how is the sizing & what is the quality like? Is it comparable to Zara or Mango?
  2. IMO the quality is better than Zara, but it's more expensive too.
  3. I would agree with Raspberry that the quality at Topshop is better than that at Mango/ Zara.

    The sizes run true - I usually go by UK sizing, and it's always worked for me! :smile:
  4. Topshop is great, the quality is very good for the price!

    Sizes run true to size, but I would say that their jeans run a little small, I bought my usual size in some skinny jeans, and they were tiny! I had to lay down to zip them up!
  5. sizing would be size US 1-2 = 6 am i right?

    anyway, i love topshop! in manila though zara is more expensive.
  6. I adore topshop!!
  7. Topshop is great but I think Mango's quality is the best - Topshop jeans are the best though! Still have one of the must haves from a few years ago and you can't tell it has been worn a lot, better than a lot of designer denim ones.
  8. topshop quality is really good! stitching is always in place... never had any problems!
  9. If I remember correctly, the smallest size is an 8 so a U.S. 0 or 2 would have to be the 8.
  10. yes it is a bit more expensive but nice:yes:
  11. Theres still a size 6 in topshop.

    I love Topshop- I like the edginess of their shirts.
  12. no the smallest is a 6, for the petite range they even have a 4!:yes: im sure as im a topshop addict.

    for other stores such as dorothy perkins, smallest is an 8.
  13. I just have bad memory, then. Sorry!
  14. I :heart: TOPSHOP.
    Too bad they won´t deliver to Europe......But when I go to London it´s always my first stop !
    I heard they finally found a location for a TopShop in Paris, anyone knows more about it ?
    The prices to me seem quite equal to ZARA, I only had 1 bad experience with the quality, but I am addicted bc I LOVE their unique style !! so trendy, so british ! No way we can find funky clothes like that in Paris (The closest would be H&M) and affordable...
  15. I love Topshop- its fashion forward