Topshop shoes

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  1. I've been wanting to order shoes from them but don't know how the sizing is. Do their shoes run tts? I'm a 7 but on their website there's only 6.5 or 7.5. I would like to know if I should size down or up. Also, for those who have ordered from them, did you have to pay duty/customs? I'm here in California and I would like to know if it's going to cost me an arm and a leg to order a pair of shoes that's worth $200. Please advice.
  2. Anyone????
  3. I find their shoes TTS you could possibly get away going up half a size depending on the style and just pad it =] , could you confirm if the sizing on their site is 6.5 UK or 6.5 US ? cos 6.5 UK is about 39.5 EU / 9 - 9.5 US
  4. I always buy completely true to size from Topshop and have never had a problem.

    Looking forward to seeing which shoes you purchase :smile:
  5. Are they US sizes or British sizes? I am from the UK, but moved to the USA. I am a 7 in america and a 5 in england; you have to take 2 off your size to get your UK size.
  6. I always buy TTS from Topshop.
  7. Did you ever figure out which size to buy? I am also a true US size 7 and looking at their shoes. I'm very confused on whether to order a 6.5 or 7.5? :confused1:
  8. I'm a regular size 6 and find their sizing TTS
  9. They're large to size for me. Buy half size smaller :yes:
  10. I find their sizing to be weird, for the most part I'm TTS but then I have pairs a size up and a size down.

    Is there not a US version of the e-commerce site? Or is this particular pair in the UK only?
  11. I have 5 to 5.5 feet and their 5.5 are too big for me, more like 6. I got some ankle boots in the fall and wore them tons, but with thicker socks. I wouldn't try their pumps or sandals because I know they will be too big and the 5.5 is the smallest they carry.
  12. This helps. Thank you!
  13. Their 6.5 is a 37 for reference.
  14. glad to help :biggrin: