I like the design of their website, and those shoes on the main page have got to be in the All Time Top 10 Ugliest Shoes Ever Made list. Does Guiness have that as a category yet? If not, we should do an email campaign and demand it.

Their prices are not very low. If you can't find anybody to vouch for the quality, depending on what you are looking for, there are other retailers with reasonably priced basics that do not "fall apart when you wash them" cause you to break out in a hideous rash, or be struck by lightning.
I have bought from twice. The first time everything arrived really fast and was very well packaged. the second time took rather longer (first arrived in 3-4 days the seond in over 10days).

the greatest thing about it is that if you do not like the items on you or you want another size you can either take them to a topshop store and exchange them there OR you can ship them back (the usual way). I went to the store and exchanged things for different sizes.

Hope this helps!
i've never ordered from the website but buy things from the store all the time. a lot of the stuff is great (or i've been really really lucky) but some of it's shockingly bad too. at least the sizing is pretty consistent for me.
topshop so far has never let me down in terms of quality. really! its one of my fave stores in manila! they have almost 10 branches there. ;)
Thanks for all of your responses :smile: I saw a few blouses on the site that I like and wanted to order them, since most of you are happy with the quality I will go ahead and give them a try, ShimmaPuff that was funny :roflmfao:
I have a number of things from there.

For nicer items like dresses or a pretty blouse, the quality is surprisingly good.

But the basics like tees, singlets and tracksuits pants tend to be shoddy IMO. American Apparel is better for those.
I wouldn't say topshop has the best quality, but their clothes do last an awful long time. Their basics are amazing. I had a plain white vest bought 3 years ago and it still looks brand new! :-P

For the low price you pay for their stuff, they are really worth the money. Unlike some designers like BCBG. *cough*
I love Topshop but I never bought clothes online. I like to try clothes before buying them. There are a lot of great styles and their cuttings are good. Price is not cheap and not so expensive. Quality for me is fine.

I paid around $1000 (500 GB pounds) in Topshop store, Oxford st. last month and I got loads of great stuffs.

Quality is not the best but at reasonable with their price. It is better than H&M.
Actually, sometimes Topshop does have good quality stuff, but the prices will rise a lot more too. Look out for their leather bags. They are all about $100-$200 and are great looking bags. :smile:

Topshop has great quality jeans too. :-P
I'm torn on Topshop. Where I live it's considered it's generally approved of but thought to be expensive. It's big here in the UK.

The quality varies - some T-shirts I've had from Topshop have looked crummy after a wash or two, while other items I've had from Topshop have been fine and I get a lot of wear out of them. Jumpers and cardigans from TS are good.

Jeans at TS can be variable too. I always find TS jeans to be a weird fit though, the waist always seems to be disproportionately large to the rest of the jean which means you can end up having to wear a belt with it rucked up round your waist (uncomfortable) or suffering from builder's bum syndrome which I really hate. I go to River Island for my jeans, a better fit for a similar price.
does ship to the us? anyone know how much the shipping is and if customs duties are involved?

I ordered from them a few months back and they did not accurately report the amount they would charge to my card, yes there is an exchange fee. When I contacted them about the extra amount charged to my card they claimed it was a fee from my bank soooo I did a dispute through my bank and won. I will never order from them again :blah: