Topics That Are Off Limits !

  1. Do you have any opinions/topics that you feel strongly about but are reluctant to express in certain environments ( Office, School,Social events etc...) of your peers?

    For instance: Politics, Race, Sex, Religion, Money, Marriage etc.....

    For me, It's my personal life, politics, and finances that are off limits at work.
  2. All of the above you mentioned and sex. I used to hate it when my customers would get in depth about sex.
  3. Since I am a lawyer, politics is a hot topic at my work. But Sex is completely off limits. However, amongst certain friends, I definitely avoid politics.
  4. I don't talk about a lot of things at work. Basically everything you listed.
  5. I think all the above. Depends on the question/conversation but generally I think its good to keep those topics to yourself.
  6. My work is super casual so there's nothing off limits, per se. I wouldn't talk about my salary or how much I spend on handbags, though! And I wouldn't really go into private things about my personal life, but some co-workers are actual friends with whom I spend time outside of work.

    I'm more guarded talking to acquaintances and strangers than my co-workers. I don't discuss politics or religion with someone I don't know well.
  7. I'm an open book-nothing is off topic-oh, possibly finances
  8. We try not to talk about politic anymore in the family after last election except to all the liberal part of the family. The other side of family who aren't that liberal can't really take the opionions differ from them..So no politic talk with family from the red states.
  9. maybe religion and abortion... and politics to some degree.
  10. I'm a writer and stay at home mom, so the only thing that's not PC to talk about with other mom's are the "best parenting strategies".
    Someone always does, and there are always arguments.

    ps- childless people should never tell parents how "they are going to" parent... because they have no idea how they are going to parent until they have one and Parents know this.

    SEE!!! I can even get myself going on the topic. ;)
  11. I don't talk about any of those, my personal life, religion, sex, politics, etc. My patients cannot know anything about me.
  12. Politics and income.
  13. At work, religion, sex, finances and politics. Well, politics with a few but you have to tread carefully.

    With friends, just about anything except finances and with some, sex. I will gladly talk politics with my friends, even if we know we're on opposite sides of the long as the conversation is civil. I don't enjoy trying to debate my friends into the ground so for some where it has gotten too heated we now just know not to go there. :lol:
  14. I feel religion is off limits. I live in the South where everyone wants to talk about praying, Jesus, church and witnessing to people all day long. I'm Jewish. I don't want to hear all of this crap. My relationship with God is between me and God. And in the South "Jewish" might as well be synonymous with "Satan Worshipper." I regularly hear people saying "Have a Blessed Day!" and "I'm too blessed to be depressed!" and various other stuff. I politely ignore it, but it just seems to be rammed down our throats wherever we go.

    The other subject is politics. Everyone here in the South just assumes you are a conservative (church going) Republican. So it's not the conservatives that spend all their time mouthing off, it's the Liberals! There is a lady in my office that is a Democrat, and although I consider myself a Liberal she really gets on my nerves! She starts loudly insulting Bush and the Republicans in a room full of conservatives! It's rude.
  15. I don't like talking about religion or politics w/ anyone really.
    Very few of us truly see eye to eye on it and they're both SO unbelievably personal . .
    If I want to keep my friends, I keep mum about those things. . .
    to each their own.