Topic of ratio or priorities

  1. Hi-jacking this thread from the lovely Hermes forum ladies...

    Its a very interesting issue...the discussion of priorities of luxury bags, ours the LVs, to other materials in our life.

    Its like a perspective on ratio or even preference for sure...but what is our individual ratio or priorities in comparision to other needed or unneeded mateiral life?

    Do you think that someone who carries LVs need to first take care of other material matters as a ratio/priority base?

    I'll go first; I think that a savings is needed, before buying luxury items for myself. Others like housing or cars or whatever is just a personal preference or choice.
  2. I think I am understanding you...
    Ok, so I agree I should be saving money...then with the money I do spend I should probably allocate more to clothes and such- I tend to spend all my $ on purses:nuts:! Maybe I should consider more balance in life...
  3. Well, I have a nice savings, a house, and cars. My kids are clothed and we have food on the table. We take vacations and my children get pretty much what they desire. All of this comes first to me over a handbag.
  4. I don't have any kids, but my cats are very well taken care of! ;) I'll be honest and say that I'm not the most responsible person with money, but I pay what I need to pay on time and I have a great credit rating (in part due to my shopping habit). As far as priorities, I WOULD rather spend on bags right now than anything else, but I don't need much else.
  5. Um .. well for us both cars are paid for. Low Mortage .. No credit card debt whatsoever. Purses are fun but not a priority and only paid for with "mad money".
  6. Money Saved - check
    Retirement - check
    House - check
    2 vehicles paid for - check
    Children college - saved

    All bills paid in full each month.

    I am doing pretty good.
  7. I dont have a job, kids or my own house. I'm at uni and I used my fiance's overdraft to pay for my LV bag... and I've just about paid it off. Obviously when I do get all those things I won't be sacrificing them for LV. I don't agree with that.

    socal - that's amazing! :biggrin:
  8. ^I'm am older than many of you, and before recently I was working as an attorney.

    I did buy my first home when I was 22.
  9. What a fun topic!


    I'm crazy about LV and have a dedicated bag fund. I buy only what I times my fund gets nice & fat since there are no bags I desire for a long time. Other times I'm cleaned out ;). It's a fun project & there r no anxieties about $$$ or my future. Otherwise, how can I enjoy my bags?
  10. no debts and all bills pay in full monthly. have savings and investments :smile:. trying not to buy too many bags lol as i definitly can use more money in savings for retirement and etc (things that socalgem listed :p).
  11. hmmm.... I think I'm far from saving up for my entire life..... lol
    I'm 20... and I don't really "own" anything huge cuz my parents pay for everything like my apartment and other living expenses... I guess I'm lucky, so what am I going to do with all that money? save up for my future children? what if I decide not to have children later on? or how about saving up for retirement? ughh... that's WAY too far in the future....cuz what if I die before 60?
    You're raising up a really interesting question. It's not that I don't agree with you or others, but rather I think everybody's in a different situation, and for me, I don't NEED to save up for anything NOW cuz I KNOW my finances are secure and I'll be able to get a good job. Thus, I decide to buy frivolous things like bags NOW. When the time comes, I'll change my priorities.
  12. All the different views are totally interesting and fun....

    Some are making me feel
  13. I am going to work soon, and will not ask my parents for money. Saving and investment for retirement and family should be the first priority. Happiness of my family is tied in the first priority too. The bag should be almost the last. I plan to save some every month for those in need. I tend to buy bags that I can wear in several occasions and last long.

  14. yeah, I'm in the same boat as you CEC. But I am at a point in my life where I see changes happening within 5 years (ie. purchasing first home, getting married, buying my own car, going on a trip to Europe and somewhere hot and near the ocean). So I am starting to save now hence me being AWOL from the forums so I won't get tempted. LOL.