Topaz versus Cz, quite silly but...

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  1. I have a question. We were looking at cocktail rings with my sis, and I really liked some topaz rings. The prices were reasonable, and I intend to buy a very nice big topaz and diamond ring (topaz around 5 carats). My sis said I'm crazy to spend so much money on topaz, since Cz (cubic zirgonia) is harder and brighter than topaz. I did a search and found out that topaz has a hardness grade 8, and Cz has 8.5. Which means it will last longer. Diamond has a hardness grade 10, and it is the hardest substance in the world...

    This whole hardness thing got me thinking, and I need some info from those who are more familiar with these matters.
  2. I make jewelry and work with gemstones. There really isn't much difference between a hardness grade of 8 and 8.5. Just be sensible with whatever ring you choose and don't wash dishes, garden, change a tire, etc. with it. And this goes for DIAMONDS as well. Believe it or not, they chip. The girdle of a stone, even a diamond, is fragile and if you give it a good whack on the edge of the counter, you can chip it.

    Personally, I prefer natural stones over created but go for the one you like the best.
  3. Oh thank you for replying! Why in your opinion (I'm with you btw natural stones is what I prefer as well) natural stones are better than the Cz cheaper stones?

    I know that diamonds chip sometimes, diamonds also get lost often because their sets can losen up, that's why I take them to the jewelers to check them if they are ok and clean them. A good whack on the counter can get your diamonds in the sink...

    Also is it true, that chlorine (bleach) destroys stones?
  4. I suggest that you get the topaz. A big cz will not perform, over time, the way the topaz will. Enjoy your new ring and be sure to post pics!
  5. I think in the debate between natural vs. created stones, "better" is very relative. Some people just like to have "the real thing" (like authentic designer handbags!). Some people prefer created stones because they have less of an environmental impact. In the case of diamonds- if you get a cz you know you will never have a conflict diamond.

    Like I said, I prefer natural stones, but I don't knock anyone who wants a created stone. It's all personal preference.

    As far as chlorine bleach goes- I actually never heard of it being damaging to hard stones but I wouldn't take a chance. Softer stones like opal or coral for example should NEVER have harsh chemicals on them. Really, you should just wipe them to clean and it's even recommended that you put a little (kind of gross...) 'nose grease' on them to keep them from cracking.:P
  6. I will get the topaz because I love the ring, it's gorgeous!

    Jesskaz, Thank you so much for the info, it was invaluable!:tup:

    I 'm also concerned about conflict diamonds, and I 'm very careful when it comes to purchasing diamonds. Topaz , I'm not familiar with. I prefer it to Cz because it's unique.:smile:

    I have Cz earrings that look absolutely gorgeous, and I know I will not slit my wrists if I lose them. That's a huge advantage of Cz.
  7. Topaz is my birthstone - I love natural blue topaz - and to find natural blue is pretty rare - As for the yellow topaz - that is very beatiful too.

    I would never compare a gemstone (topaz) to a cz. I guess if you are trying to decide between the 2 then you just have to ask yourself what look are you going for? Are you going for a diamond-look - or are you wanting a unique gemstone cocktail ring?
  8. If you want your stone to look like a diamond, go with cz. White topaz is very pretty, but not diamond-like IMO. Even when it's cut well, it doesn't have that sparkle and fire that diamonds (or even cz's) have-- it's pretty glassy.
  9. I have a cz ring, only used it a couple of times. No sparkle at all compared to my diamond rings. Do not remember why i bought it :shrugs: Could have bought a nice gemstone ring for the same price. No need to worry about the hardness, do not think there is a significant difference between topaz and cz.

    I would go for topaz. I think it is a beautiful stone. Waiting for a diamond and topaz ring at the moment, so excited to get it :yahoo:
  10. The one I saw was a bright pink topaz, really lovely!
  11. I don't know what the MOHS scale is on Aquamarines and Peridot, but I have two amazing rings with them as the center stones. Both are antique cushion cuts. The aquamarine I wore all the time, didn't know any better and cleaned it in normal jewelry cleaner often. It got cloudy, which I am rather bummed about. My peridot has only been worn a few times and it almost immediately had scratches all over the stone.
    Given this experience, I'd just assume get a cz the next time in that kind of ring, figuring it can be replaced.
    That being said, as much as I have wanted a right hand cz ring (for price reasons) I just can't do it because I love the durability of diamonds way to much. I'd rather go without.
    Just my opinion though.
  12. Don't CZs get cloudy over time? They don't last forever, do they?
  13. I've heard that all the stones including Czs get cloudy when you use detergents, especially strong ones, like bleach. Generally you should avoid water and detergents and hand creams when you have jewelry on. that is what I was told. It may be an urban myth.
  14. Cz's do get cloudy, but my point was that for the price, they are replaceable.
    I've never heard of a diamond getting cloudy.
  15. I was assuming you meant clear/white, because of the cz comparison, but I like colored topaz a lot. I have a deep pink topaz ring that I get lots of compliments on. I have one that's pale greenish and and that one's really pretty too. I have a white topaz ring that I never wear, because it looks so glassy (and yet a little cloudy).