Topaz Stam *Pics*

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  1. Ok i have been looking on different sites to have a look at the Topaz colour, On nordstroms they say the colour is topaz with the first pic, and on here theres also a pic, but the bag seems paler, which is the true colour?

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  2. The color of the bag in your first picture, the one from Nordstrom's, seems pretty close to the one I saw IRL at Nordies a couple of weeks ago. And I have to add that it was gorgeous! Are you thinking of purchasing one?
  3. I love all the stams really, i have the white chiffon, but dont use that everyday as it will get sooo dirty. i would like to buy one if the colours similiar to the one at nordstroms. i dont want the paler colour.
  4. I also think that it is much closer to the first picture. Saw it at NM a few days ago, and it was beautiful. The color in the second pic looks washed out. The shade is quite striking IRL. :smile:
  5. Thankyou for letting me know. I wonder why the other pics so pale if the actual bag isnt anything like that colour :shrugs:
  6. Having tried to take pics of bags for ebay and for sharing on TPF, I can say that film truly does not capture the real life color of a bag in the least. Even the professional photographers for the big department store websites can't do it!
    As for the Topaz Stam, I would say it's a mixture of your two photos. It's definitely a more deep, vibrant shade than the second pic, but it looks kind of muted and mellow too. I think this effect has something to do with the slightly distressed look of the leather. Either way, it's an absolutely beautiful bag - a total head turner.
  7. Yeah its quite annoying really, that you cant tell by the pictures, i guess im gonna just have to wait till i go to the store :P

    Thanks again guys :smile:
  8. here's a pic from eluxury

  9. lol @ none of the 3 pics having the same color. how confusing. You really do have to go the store and make sure it is really the color you want first before ordering it online.

    The eluc pic looks more like denim than topaz IMO
  10. regardless of the pics... that colour is gorgeous!! :drool: definitely the prettiest of all ;)

    I wish the hardware was in silver though.... not jus on the topaz, but for all the stam colours :P
  11. It's a gorgeous color, closest to the first pic.
  12. Topaz doesn't look like this at all.

  13. I would say it's a combination of the 1st 2 attached pictures. Topaz is one of those colors that don't look the same under different lightings.
  14. Thanks again everyone, i really do have to go to the store and see for myself :smile: