Top three songs on your IPOD!?!??!

  1. What are the songs that you love and can listen to over and over again! Mine are:

    1. Your beautiful: James Blunt
    2. Outside : Aaron Lewis & Fred Durst
    3. Somewhere I belong : Linkin Park

    They change all the time!!!
  2. Loose my Breath- Destinys child
    Cater 2 u- destinys child
    dip it low-Cristina Milian
  3. Can you believe-I don't even own an ipod
  4. Such Great Heights - the Postal Service
    Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
    As Time Goes By - from the Casablanca soundtrack

    although the top three songs on my 25 most played playlist are actually:
    A Conjunction of Drones - Sufjan Stevens
    Art is Hard - Cursive
    Army - Ben Folds
    (they're alphabetical, I guess)
  5. Tiny Vessels - Death Cab for Cutie
    Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
    Don't Wait - Dashboard Confessional

    I love my emo music.
  6. My 4gig iPod is completely full, yet, I find myself listening to these over and over!!!!

    No Woman No Cry, Bob Marley
    Brick, Ben Folds
    Philosophy, Ben Folds
    Catch the Sun, Jamie Cullum
    Cocoon, Jack Johnson
    Lincoln Aveune, Train
    I'm About to Come Alive, Train

    Absolutely favorite artists are: Bob Marley, Ben Folds, Jack Johnson. They all pretty much equal LOVE!!!! :smile:

    xoxo L.
  7. top 3:
    celine dion: i surrender
    madonna: frozen
    christina aguilera: a voice within

    my girls. :yes:
  8. Raheem DeVaugh--Guess Who Loves You More
    Anthony Hamilton--I know what Loves About
    Luther Vandross--A House is Not A home

    In no particular Order.
  9. Objects in the Rear View Mirror
    Everything Louder Than Everything Else
    Couldn't Have Said It Better
    ~ all by Meat Loaf
  10. Lori McKenna- Beautiful Man
    James Blunt- Good Bye my Lover
    Rachel Yamagata- Worn Me Down

    It changes on a weekly basis, but those are the songs I'm loving at the moment.
  11. Nishi, same here, I don't own an Ipod.. no money to buy one.. heheeheh
  12. Mariah Carey feat. Bone Thugs - Breakdown
    Dr. Dre feat. Eminem - Still
    Kanye West - All Falls Down
  13. 1. Blowers Daughter/Damien Rice
    2. Bathwater/No Doubt
    3. Interstate Love Song/STP
  14. I love BRICK!! That was my husbands mantra for his ex wife! LOL
    We always laugh when we hear it.

  15. Gnarles Barkley - Crazy
    All American Rejects - Move Along
    Nelly Furtado- Promiscuous Girl (have to have some Canadian content on there :smile: