Top Ten Women Drivers Of The Year!

  1. LMAO @ the chick with the helmet!!!:roflmfao:
    #10.jpg #9.jpg #8.jpg #7.jpg #6.jpg #5.jpg #4.jpg #3.jpg #2.jpg #1.jpg
  2. Looks like the Darwin awards
  3. LOL!! Is her helmet on backwards LMAO!!! The cement one is too funny!
  4. YES!!!:roflmfao: I am dying laughing over here!!!:lol:
  5. LOL!! No kidding!! Ohmygosh! What a dork!!!
  6. Are these for real? :wtf: :Push:
  7. BF is laughing at the one with the gas thingy stuck on the vehicle. THat happened to him and his friends once. The forgot the nizzle was still in. I was yelling at him over the phone when he told me this. I thought they might've blown up cause of that.
  8. OMG!!! I am such a dork!!! I didn't even notice that!:lol: I just thought she ran out of gas and they were giving her some!!!:lol::roflmfao: LMAO!!!
  9. Lol, those were funny! I hope that that never happens to me!! Thanks for sharing
  10. :roflmfao: OMG I am SLOW! I was looking at the pic thinking to myself "what is funny about that?". I had to go and look at it again! :roflmfao: Wow I love it. :lol:
  11. I would dearly LOVE to hear the stories behind how those things happened (helmet head notwithstanding!).:nuts:
  12. toooo funny..thanks for sharing.
    I saw the Beetle one...and I owned the exact same car...before I blew the pic (I couldn't see the train tracks or the license plate) up I was thinking "oh crap did someone take a pic of me that time I rearended a planter box on the sidewalk" LOL
  13. I LOVE Ms. Helmet Head!!! :roflmfao:

    Years ago, my brother and I were sitting in a Wendy's restaurant and saw a commotion outside -- a woman had driven her BRAND NEW white Corvette (still had the window sticker!) into a cement "ditch" that was inbetween the road and all the businesses along the side.

    Of course, we had to go and join all the spectators. :supacool:

    Turns out her husband had just bought the car that morning and told her to take it for a spin around the block. She decides to take it for a longer ride and somehow managed to go airborne and land into this cement ditch!

    Then -- she is standing there crying and begging the cops to please get it out and get it fixed FAST so she can get home ASAP and her husband will never know what happened. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Never knew who she was or how it all turned out... but lots of people took pictures and I always wait for it to show up on something like this one day! :P
  14. Ahhhahahahahah.
    I've had that Jeep in #1 and the Vibe from #2. Pretty sure I wrecked both of them - oopsie. I will be the first to admit that I am a terrible driver and yes my insurance premiums show it :blush: . One good thing - I never get asked to be the DD :drinks:
  15. wow! lol good post!