Top Ten Fun Food Factories

  1. I'm watching this show on the Travel Channel right now called "Top Ten Fun Food Factories" and Twinkies are the #1 Fun Food Factory.
    I can't stand Twinkies and I'm not kidding when I say that I have not eaten a twinkie since 6th grade...I'm now 37. When I was in 6th grade I bit into a twinkie and it was spoiled inside, and tasted disgusting. I swear I can still remember how awful that tasted today, 25 years later!!! :yucky::throwup:

    Does anyone else have a food like this that they will never eat again?
  2. Lol I've never eaten a twinkie in my LIFE! My parents wouldn't let me have any type of super processed snack food, especially when it came to baked goods. I can't even stomach store bought bakery cakes/cupcakes. The first time I ever had a bite of corn dog was last year...never had a "pig-in-the-blanket", a "sloppy joe", a "hamburger helper" (or anything like it)...the list goes on...I was not raised as a normal child. Sometimes I feel slightly weird about not having anything most people my age had as a kid, but then again I know my parents instilled in me good food/nutrition habits (for the most part, hah!!)

    My parents let my sister and I buy a box of Kraft mac and cheese when I was around 10 years old; we'd been wanting to try it so bad, well my sister had tried it and loved it at a friends house, but I hadn't had the experience yet. I hadn't been feeling well that day, and needless to say the Mac and Cheese later came up after it was consumed. Wouldn't touch it anyway today because of the junk that's in it, but I can't even be around it if someone else is eating it, lol, the smell makes me feel sick. My old roommate used to eat it at almost every meal and the smell in my house... :sick: